Procurement Transformation

Our approach to procurement transformation focuses on building a high performance procurement organization in the shortest period of time. Like any transformation program, the real challenge is in the implementation. Organizations often follow the path of building detailed transformation roadmaps and implementation plans, many times using outside expertise, but fail to realize the benefits in the real world. We differentiate ourselves by supporting our clients throughout the transformation journey. In our engagements, we typically run a parallel track of strategic sourcing to help our clients deliver lasting financial results while they build internal capabilities.  

To build organization capabilities, we focus on the three key aspects of a procurement organization: strategy, people and process & tools. 


  • Developing organization-wide procurement strategy aligned to business goals
  • Implementing a strategic sourcing roadmap for significant savings in the short term while achieving corporate goals
  • Developing category specific strategies for ongoing category management


  • Assessing existing organizational effectiveness and competencies
  • Designing the right organization structure aligned with the business
  • Skill enhancement program including Training, recruitment and succession plan
  • Implementing a robust governance and performance management framework including metrics and scorecards
  • Leading the change management program

Processes and Tools

  • Implementing a procurement support infrastructure – acquiring resources and tools
  • Assessing and improving processes and policies for all S2P functions
  • Reviewing technology requirements and implementing best-fit solutions

Our procurement transformation engagements are led by seasoned procurement experts and supported by a world-class infrastructure comprised of our sophisticated methodologies, cloud-based procurement software, a rich knowledge base of best-practices, benchmarks and analytical tools and templates, market intelligence capabilities and global reach.


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