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  • Natural Language Processing(NLP) algorithms like stemming, noise word removal, language analysis/identifications, etc
  • Machine learning: should have deep understanding ML algorithms like SVM, Na- ve Bayes, Regression, and others.
  • Conceptual modelling: to be able to share and articulate modelling
  • Statistical analysis: to understand and work around possible limitations in models
  • Predictive modelling and forecasting algorithms
  • Exposure to sql and no-sql DB world. 
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and related scripting like Bash/shell script 
  • Strong in analysis and problem solving 


  • Someone with both statistical modeling experience and technical. 
  • Engineering graduates preferably from Tier 1 college. 
  • Data scientist needs to be able to program, preferably in different programming languages such as Python, R, Java, SQL and open to learn and work in any cutting edge technologies. 
  • They need to have a deep understanding of Hadoop, Hive and/or MapReduce. 

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