Organization Design and Implementation

Market-leading companies worldwide trust GEP to provide them unbiased advice on their procurement capabilities and design an organization that is custom-built for success in the long run. Our approach is built on four key elements that ensure our designs are practical and effective in the real world.

Understanding Your Organizational Requirements

Procurement is as much about people as it is about savings. GEP's experts evaluate the sustainability and effectiveness of your current organizational structure using relevant benchmarks, check alignment with business objectives, determine cross-functional linkages, facilitate effective communication between units, and develop a robust governance model. Through a detailed competency assessment, we determine the current and required competencies, identify the gaps, and develop a roadmap to bridge them.

Creating an Operating Model

In business, clarity drives success. GEP will help you create a dynamic operating model by outlining the roles and responsibilities for your procurement team, with clear work segmentation and accountability. With this, you can precisely determine your workload and manpower requirements, and look for talent accordingly.

Developing a Framework for Governance

As procurement organizations expand their boundaries and extend their reach globally, the need for an effective governance model is becoming even more pressing. GEP's experts develop key metrics for your procurement organization, and create review and audit processes to facilitate continuous improvement.

Managing Performance and Building Capability

Successful procurement organizations measure and reward performance. We leverage our experience of working with best-in-class procurement organizations and develop a comprehensive performance management system for your enterprise with role-wise KPIs – an ecosystem that fosters performance excellence.

We also prepare a training plan based on your business objectives and chart a career growth path to help you attract and retain top talent from the industry.

And while we do all this,we understand the importance of constant knowledge transfer during such engagements and work in a highly collaborative manner, setting the ground for successful transition to the new ways of working. We help you throughout the change management process through tailored communication strategies, change workshops, training and marketing the change across the organization.

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