Bring Your Spend Under Control in a Rapidly Changing Inflationary Market Bring Your Spend Under Control in a Rapidly Changing Inflationary Market

GEP Midmarket Solutions

Mid-market companies are in a unique space when it comes to revenue, operations and compliance. As a result, mid-market source-to-contract, source-to-pay and procure-to-pay functions require special consideration as resourcing and technology are two areas that midmarket and emerging companies find challenging.

GEP’s comprehensive end-to-end technology solutions — for procurement, supply chain, finance systems and operations — make it a compelling choice for mid-market companies that need dedicated resourcing for those functions to become more agile, resilient, competitive and profitable. 

Offerings for Mid-market and Growing Industries

Mid-market Source-to-Contract

Customized end-to-end S2C solution reflects accurate spend analysis, seamless category management and facilitates a complete lifecycle management. With GEP SMART™, be ready to reduce supplier cost risk.

Mid-market Source-to-Pay

Introduce sustainability to S2P processes such as resource optimization and partner collaboration. With GEP’s advanced S2P technology, be ready to increase bottom-line savings.

Mid-market Procure-to-Pay

Deploy our cloud-based procure-to-pay platform to better monitor noncontractual purchases and ensure seamless cross-border governance. And, much more. With GEP CLICK™, be ready to bid goodbye to erroneous invoices.

GEP SMART for the Middle Market

  • Automate every aspect of source-to-pay, source-to-contract and procure-to-pay mid-market operations
  • Get inflation-led customized solutions for unique problems of sourcing, contracting and spending
  • Pick and choose: Low-code/no-code or enterprise version, pick solution and implement S2P, S2C or P2P processes
  • Enhanced supplier and enterprise risk management
  • Get direct access to the sustainability program

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