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Personalized Advertising Using Data-Driven Dynamic Advertising

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, technological and marketing innovations have changed the way marketers engage with their potential customers. Innovations such as using artificial intelligence to effectively deliver and manage multichannel ad campaigns through probabilistic matching, and the use of native advertising to exponentially increase the CTR of digital banner ads have great potential to not only increase the ROI of ad spend, but also to enrich customer experience.

Drones - The Supply Chain Disruptor

Drones speed up and reduce costs associated with traditional supply chains, deliver an additional source of data gathering and provide added convenience because they are not restricted to postcodes. From a technology perspective, the capabilities of drones are improving day by day – advancements in autonomous piloting, “sense and aware” technologies and increased battery life all mean that delivery drones have real future potential.

European Warehouse Market Trends and 2017 Outlook

E-commerce and online retail are major drivers for the increase in demand for different types of warehouses ꟷ such as mega fulfillment centers (merchandise storage and pick-up), parcel sorting centers, local parcel delivery centers, warehouses (fulfillment of online orders), return processing centers and local delivery centers (for same-day deliveries).

Infrastructure Transformations – Optimizing Capex and Opex in Telecom

The predictions are in – leading market research and analyst firms reveal the expected investment pattern of the global telecom sector. Following an initial dip in 2017, capex in this segment is set to increase at 0.8 percent CAGR and touch the $353 billion mark in 2020.

Shift of United Communications from Premise-Based to a Service Model

The new realm for IT sourcing managers is that they must update their Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions to support the changing workplace or be left behind. Legacy products not originally designed to support mobile workers need to be removed, as they do not easily accommodate the multitude of measures in which people need to work together today. This means sourcing managers must focus on solutions that connect across platforms, increase user participation, improve the quality of meetings, support mobility, ensure security and drive enhancements in total cost of ownership (TCO) – and the answer to all this is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Private Exchanges – One-Stop Shop for Employee Benefits Management

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) providing the necessary impetus to make healthcare benefits a mandate, private exchanges provide platforms for employees to choose health plans based on convenience. So what is making the online marketplace for buying employee insurance packages popular? What are advantages and pitfalls associated with private exchanges?

Robotics Transforming Businesses in North America

Robotics systems have revolutionized the way companies operate. The systems’ increased sophistication has made these robots flexible and capable of performing complex tasks with dexterity. The North American robotics market has seen steady growth over the past few years. During the first nine months of 2016, the demand for robotics in North America reached ~24,000 ($1.3 billion in value terms, up 3%), an increase of ~7% over the same period in 2015. Currently, there are ~269,000 robots in use in North American factories. Only Japan & China utilize more.

Impact of U.S. Elections on the Indian Outsourcing Sector

The results of the U.S. Presidential elections have elicited nervous and unsure responses in the last few weeks from IT outsourcing major players. The Indian-dominated offshore IT services market has already been in the doldrums due to weak quarterly results and rather pessimistic forecasts issued by most Indian IT services – the rising ‘threat’ of Robotics Process Automation and intense competitive rivalry on new contracts/renewals, where an increased propensity to multi-source while shortening contract duration has challenged top and bottom lines of the outsourcing markets. And Trump’s victory isn’t likely to elevate their spirits, at least in the shorter term.

How Procurement Can Help Digital Marketing

Procurement helps organizations in acquiring appropriate services or materials at the best available cost. The marketing procurement landscape has evolved over the past few years, as companies have been using procurement as a tool for managing marketing spend. However, procurement and marketing differ; marketing is seen as creative, innovative and dynamic, which slightly differs from procurement.

Fetal Bovine Serum & Potential Avenues for Sourcing

Sterile filtered Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is a critical ingredient in growing cells in-vitro due to its growth accelerating properties. It is extracted from the fetus of domestic cattle when they are slaughtered for beef production, thereby making FBS a by-product of the beef industry. Animal vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and biotechnology are some key industries where FBS is mainly used in cell culture. In the U.S., FBS has escalated in demand, owing to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry and R&D spend within the States. Severe climate conditions in the last few years leading to restricted availability in the U.S. and worldwide are some major price drivers of FBS. This has further led to numerous mergers and acquisitions among market participants, resulting in only four to five major suppliers of FBS in the United States. FBS can also be imported from USDA-approved countries such as Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Honduras, Iceland and Nicaragua. Brazil is the largest provider of FBS in the world but its product is currently not permitted to be imported into the United States.

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