Pectin Market Squeezed by Citrus Supply

Over the past 3 years, the price of pectin products has risen by an average of 70 percent, due to a marketplace shortage of its key raw material, citrus peels. So what’s in store for buyers this year? What products can serve as potential alternatives?

Slave Labor Claims Restrict Sweetener Imports into U.S.

The United States, earlier this year, introduced a bill prohibiting imported goods produced by forced labor—slavery. Under the new law, Stevia, produced by Chinese company PureCircle, has been banned because the company is alleged to have sourced the Stevia rebaudiana plant (from which the sweetener is extracted) from a company accused of using forced labor.

Unlocking the Brazilian Cassava Market’s True Potential

Grown in Brazil, Cassava is a food staple due to its reliability to produce tubers. (Similar to a root, tubers help the parent plant by keeping food available for the future. The plant uses this stored energy to get through tough times or to support new shoots, thereby ensuring that the species survives even if the parent plant dies off.)

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