Facilities Management

Challenges in Outcome-Based Engagement Models in Facilities Management

A key aspect of handling facility management spend is the type of contract the buyer decided to opt for during their engagement. Types of contracts are decided by many variables, such as supplier maturity in the desired geography, price fluctuations, scope of services and geographical reach.

Changing Dynamics in the Managed Print Services Market

Managed Print Services (MPS) brings together everything from printers and supplies to maintenance and support, under a single ongoing contract. MPS has been gaining momentum over the past few years as it offers benefits such as cost savings and energy efficiencies, primarily driven by rationalization of fleets and single points of contact for support.

Sourcing Trends for CRE and Facilities Management in Financial Services

Global sourcing engagements have been gradually increasing in facilities management, especially in the financial services segment. Global firms with presence across regions are using more global contracts and a mix of regional contracts as and when necessary.

Trends in Corporate Office Space Utilization

Spend on real estate, especially for office space, is a key spend area for many companies. In recent years, organizations have become more focused on utilization of space, changing work environments and ensuring productivity.

Facilities Management: Key Differentiators for Transformation in APAC Markets

FM sourcing managers across the globe are trying to consolidate their supply bases in order to achieve significant cost savings and ease of management.

Trends in the Office Supplies Industry

The office supplies sector is undergoing a transformation that is reshaping the industry. Some of the most interesting changes include evolving customer demands, technological shifts, falling demand for traditional office supply products, and increasing competition/price reduction.

Trends in Records Management

Information is a central resource for modern organizations, and managing business records is both a key activity and an important overhead expense.

Landscaping Industry Challenges and the Impact on Businesses

In real estate, they call it curb appeal. A bad first impression can deter a potential buyer before even entering the home. It’s no different on the commercial side. Landscaping is one of the key categories in facilities management. A great landscaping provider makes a key difference for large firms with a pleasing first impression. Regular and efficient landscaping is also a key component of creating a brand image for commercial landscaping businesses.

Market Slowdown to Impact MRO Spend, Demand for MRO Outsourcing Predicted to Rise

Current market slowdown, economic turmoil and record low oil prices have led to a number of oil and gas projects getting delayed or shelved, thereby weakening MRO demand. With weak MRO demand, and lower metal and lubricants prices, category buyers can cash-in on the resultant direct unit cost reduction on parts and spares.

CAPEX & Construction Industry Forecast to Touch $9 Trillion Per Year, Robotics & Automation to Drive Down Costs

The global capital project and infrastructure market is witnessing steady growth. Countries like China, Philippines, Indonesia, Ghana and Nigeria will be the primary growth regions with increasing capital project expenditures. It is expected that the industry will touch over $9 trillion per year by 2025, nearly double from $4.7 trillion in 2015.

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