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Drones - The Supply Chain Disruptor

Drones speed up and reduce costs associated with traditional supply chains, deliver an additional source of data gathering and provide added convenience because they are not restricted to postcodes. From a technology perspective, the capabilities of drones are improving day by day – advancements in autonomous piloting, “sense and aware” technologies and increased battery life all mean that delivery drones have real future potential.

Infrastructure Transformations – Optimizing Capex and Opex in Telecom

The predictions are in – leading market research and analyst firms reveal the expected investment pattern of the global telecom sector. Following an initial dip in 2017, capex in this segment is set to increase at 0.8 percent CAGR and touch the $353 billion mark in 2020.

Shift of United Communications from Premise-Based to a Service Model

The new realm for IT sourcing managers is that they must update their Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions to support the changing workplace or be left behind. Legacy products not originally designed to support mobile workers need to be removed, as they do not easily accommodate the multitude of measures in which people need to work together today. This means sourcing managers must focus on solutions that connect across platforms, increase user participation, improve the quality of meetings, support mobility, ensure security and drive enhancements in total cost of ownership (TCO) – and the answer to all this is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

Impact of U.S. Elections on the Indian Outsourcing Sector

The results of the U.S. Presidential elections have elicited nervous and unsure responses in the last few weeks from IT outsourcing major players. The Indian-dominated offshore IT services market has already been in the doldrums due to weak quarterly results and rather pessimistic forecasts issued by most Indian IT services – the rising ‘threat’ of Robotics Process Automation and intense competitive rivalry on new contracts/renewals, where an increased propensity to multi-source while shortening contract duration has challenged top and bottom lines of the outsourcing markets. And Trump’s victory isn’t likely to elevate their spirits, at least in the shorter term.

AT&T and Time Warner Deal - The Roadblock Ahead

U.S. corporate dealmakers are likely to put major merger plans on hold as they assess whether U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will follow through on his populist promises and threat to block AT&T's purchase of Time Warner, or if he will have a more traditional, business-friendly Republican administration.

Enterprise Adoption of Cloud IaaS

Sourcing executives are set with their strategic directions for 2017 and see the growing importance of IaaS as a key strategic move for their firms. The market for cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is in a state of upheaval. Suppliers vary significantly in their features, performance, costs and business terms. A mix of market, technology and sourcing aspects need to be studied carefully before any cloud IaaS decisions are made.

Chaos in the Telecom Sector!

The Indian telecom sector has been one of the more visible examples of the success of private capital in infrastructure. It has contributed significantly to India’s economic growth, attracted foreign direct investments (FDI), and has been a significant source of revenue to the government — with revenue shares, spectrum auctions and license fees all adding up to a significant inflow. Notwithstanding this bright track record, in recent years the telecom sector has slowly morphed into one where these companies have grown, but consumers have been ridden roughshod over.

Outsourcing of Network Services

Today, many organizations are investing a large chunk of money in managing their network services. The need to manage, enhance, maintain and support premise/core network infrastructure and enterprise telecom assets has driven up the demand for network outsourcing.

Business Trend: Bring Your Own Device

BYOD (bring your own device) is becoming a key priority for many organizations, and in couple of years, it is anticipated that it will be widely adopted across industry verticals. The responsibility now sits with sourcing managers to understand the impact of BYOD on their outsourced IT environment, and ensure coverage for employee-owned assets.

Trends in IT Procurement

Digital interruptions and the technologies behind them are transforming business frameworks. Procurement, like other business functions, has been engulfed in this wave of transformation.

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