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Factors to Consider as Industries Embrace IIoT

In this technologically advanced world, industries are consistently concerned about efficient and cost-effective ways to manage their businesses. Implementing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has proven to be a resort to resolve these issues.

How General Data Protection Regulation Will Impact Businesses

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all set to go into force from May 25, 2018. Regardless of the physical presence in Europe, every organization that offers any product or service to the European market, and is doing business with EU citizens will need to make changes in its processes to comply with the new guidelines.

Cisco’s Acquisition of BroadSoft: The Impact on the UCaaS Industry

On 23rd October 2017, Cisco announced the acquisition of BroadSoft for a whopping $1.9 billion approximately, at $55 a share - a premium value of 28 percent. This will be Cisco’s biggest acquisition since the acquisition of AppDynamics for $3.7 billion.

Sourcing Enterprise Software — Ways to Ensure Cost Savings

Enterprise software is a term that we have come to associate with any software used by businesses (of all sizes and across industry verticals). Enterprise software can be categorized by distinct business functions. Each type of enterprise application can be considered as an individual system due to the integration with an organization’s business processes.

How IT Category Managers Can Rake in Greater Savings

The third quarter of 2017 was unlike any in the recent years. The previous quarter looked pale in comparison to the earlier few, where numerous high dollar value (and unexpected) acquisitions grabbed headlines alongside protectionism measures that evoked mixed feelings. Nonetheless, there were key events unfolding in the background which have likely implications for IT category managers.

Amazon Connect – A Possible Disruptor in Cloud Contact Center Operations

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) releasing Amazon Connect earlier this year, the tech giant is entering the call center space and is ready to disrupt the market by leveraging new technologies.

New in the GEP Knowledge Bank: Our ‘Perspective’ on IoT

The massive technological advance known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is permanently changing the relationship between people and machines and creating new opportunities for businesses.

Lenovo's ThinkSystem Product Launch: A Game-Changer in the Data Center Domain?

On June 20, 2017, Lenovo launched the most comprehensive portfolio in its history—encompassing servers, storage, networking, software and data center services. The launch took place at Lenovo's Transform conference in New York and is expected to make Lenovo a formidable player in the data center domain. The launch, the first of its kind, introduced 14 new servers, seven storage devices and five new networking fabric products.

Industry 4.0 and the Rise of IoT

We are in the midst of the Industry 4.0 revolution, which encompasses many technologies and business designs – including the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital business. IoT and Industry 4.0 together are set to create trillions in value. Its goal is to create value from the insights generated through assets connected across the product lifecycle, manufacturing and supply chain.

Business Automation and Its Effects on IT

The future is on the way, one disruption at a time. The fevered imaginations of science fiction novelists are already being translated into reality in ways one could have never imagined. The giant strides that automation technologies – Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – have taken in the last six months have cut short their incubation period and made them a commercial reality with today’s businesses. Massive hype also surrounds other emerging technologies, including blockchain, internet of things (IoT), software-defined everything (SDx), among others – and these promises to change the business landscape in a manner and at a pace never experienced before.

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