Marketing – Tackling the Issue of Non-Transparency

Clearly, 2017 has been the year of contro­versies for the marketing fraternity. Lack of transparency has become a thorn in the flesh for advertisers worldwide. This issue is pervasive, with production, media buying, ad­vertising and other facets being equally impacted. However, marketers too have an arsenal of smart and effective solutions to tackle the issue. 

Ad Agencies Stare at an Uncertain Future

Myriad transparency issues have plagued the media landscape in the last few years. The deficit of trust between brands and their media agencies is paving the way for management consultancies to foray into media buying activities.

Simplifying the Way Agencies Are Compensated

In a bid to drive simplicity in their relationships with agencies, advertisers are increasingly adopting commission-based pricing models. The move toward commission-based pricing models is a direct result of their awareness of the fact that other widely adopted pricing models are complex and are not as effective as they seemed.

Zero-Based Budgeting – New Norm Among CPGs

Zero-based budgeting is a technique which involves the use of analytics to diminish waste and utilize resources effectively. In this method, companies need to rebuild their budgets from scratch every year, which helps them in justifying each line item rather than targeting an increase and backfilling the budget.

What’s Buzzing in the Marketing Arena

The world of marketing is undergoing tremendous transformation. In the past quarter, we have witnessed the clarion call of advertisers to increase efficiency of advertising and media buying agencies, and address issues of transparency.

Is Winter Coming for the Duopoly – Google & Facebook?

As we all are aware, around 90 percent of the growth in media spend is concentrated on Facebook and Google. The remaining 10 percent is left among other content publishers to fight over. This has created some challenges in the media industry.  With the duopoly’s dominance in mind, German and French publishers are joining forces to take on Facebook and Google.

Onsite Agency Models – The Third Alternative

A recent report from Advertising Week Europe mentioned that more than 60 percent of marketers prefer deeper relationships with fewer suppliers, and about 40 percent adopt in-house or onsite agencies (agencies that work from the premises of their clients).

Live Broadcasts on Social Media

It’s not breaking news that social media is getting into the live sports arena, but Facebook’s recent broadcast deal with FOX TV for UEFA Champions signifies one thing—advertisers should seriously consider shifting from TV ads to social media live streams.

Influencer Marketing – Another Arrow in the Advertising Quiver

A recent study by Google revealed that around 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers relate to YouTubers more than to traditional celebrities. This is not happening just on YouTube, but has also taken over Instagram, Snapchat and other social media.

2017 Marketing: A Topsy-Turvy First Half

Procurement of marketing services has never been so interesting and challenging at the same time. In every aspect of marketing – be it creative agencies or media buying or digital – we find a gamut of events unfolding all over the globe with far-reaching ramifications.

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