Global e-Commerce Packaging Industry Benefiting at the Cost of Environment

Along with the e-commerce industry’s contribution to the economy, its quick growth has come at a price – millions of tons of waste has been produced over the last few years. China generated four million tons of waste in 2015, using 7.5 billion plastic bags, 17 billion meters of wrapping tape and 10 million cardboard boxes. Much of this waste is being deposited in landfills without any processing. These unprocessed materials take up to 1000 years to decompose, and eventually end up leaking pollutants into the soil and water.

Moderate Growth Forecast for Packaging Category, New Regulations to Necessitate Innovation and Collaboration

The plummeting raw material prices  and volatile global economic environment will lead to lower packaging prices in the first two quarters of 2016. This year, the global packaging industry is expected to witness moderate growth led by significant demand from the emerging markets.

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