Driving MRO Savings & Efficiencies

A new procurement trend aimed at curtailing widespread inefficiencies within the MRO domain is fast catching up. MRO category managers have started adopting a more methodological approach as they have become aware of the potential savings that an efficiently managed MRO can bring for the company.

A Perspective on Market Access to Immunization

In today’s environment, predominance of deadly infectious diseases coupled with rising healthcare awareness in emerging economies are the major factors driving demand for immunization.

Managing Currency Risk in Procurement

The adage that the only constant is change is especially true in regards to currencies. It is important for procurement professionals to periodically revisit their contracts and ensure they are not caught off guard.

Procurement Organizations to Witness Higher Operating Budget and Increased Staffing in 2016

As per a recent research report from the Hackett Group, Inc., “Procurement Key Issues,” procurement leaders expect operating budgets and staffing to increase slightly in 2016. The increase is foreseen as an outcome of cost reduction efforts along with simultaneous attempts to be better strategic business partners.

5 Key Global Economic and Business Trends that Will Drive Procurement in 2015

The beginning of 2015 saw unprecedented lows in global oil prices. Combined with this were various geopolitical developments, including the slowdown of the Chinese economy, continued extremism and violence in the Middle East, and Europe's ongoing battle with recession. On the brighter side, there was the news of improved outlook for U.S. economy.

GEP Trend Report: Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Outlook 2015

New year, new goals, new challenges. What should procurement leaders be focusing on in 2015? What should be on their agenda?

Procurement Outsourcing Scorecard - What You Want vs. What You Can Measure - Part I

Procurement outsourcing offers a unique business value proposition compared to traditional BPO models

Types of Procurement Compliance - Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed compliance related to savings and price and the impact of changes in currency and inflation. In Part 2, we’ll discuss spend and operational compliance.

Streamlining Indirect Procurement

Corporations have started engaging with their indirect procurement leadership teams to streamline spending. However, much more needs to be done.

Managing Price Increases for Indirect Purchase Requirements

The practice of suppliers increasing their customer’s pricing is nothing new.  Businesses have long focused on creating effective purchasing strategies to deal with pricing fluctuations for critical direct materials such as chemicals, raw elements, paper, energy, and resin based materials.  However, due to a number of recent economic issues, business customers are facing price increases for mor

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