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Trump’s Government Policies - Catastrophic or Fortunate?

Corporations and investors were buoyed by the Trump government’s proposal to substantially cut corporate taxes, ease regulations and increase spending on infrastructure, which would have supported the growth and prosperity of US companies. However, the recent actions of Trump’s government are aligned to their agenda of “new protectionism,” which includes a ban on immigrants from seven Muslim countries, impositions of higher import tariffs, an end to various free trade agreements and changes in energy policies are likely to have economic and strategic impacts on domestic and international markets.

Business Travel

While high-profile mergers and Brexit-related ambiguities in the travel industry took center stage in 2016, this year (2017) will be about evolving travel-related technologies and payment solutions, shared-economy consolidation in business travel portfolios and traveler safety programs.

How Procurement Can Capitalize on Lower Commodity Prices in 2017

As projected by several global industry reports, 2017 is likely to see muted economic growth, which will have a direct impact on worldwide commodity prices. With growing concerns around trade relations between the United States and China, the global energy demand will not witness significant growth. In fact, if the U.S.

Is It the Beginning of the End of Global Free Trade?

Globalization today is facing its biggest test in decades. Britain’s vote in June last year to leave the European Union as well as the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States is leading to trepidation that the model, which has governed the global economy for so long, is seemingly crumbling.

Geopolitical Instability Among Top Concerns for Procurement and Supply Chain in 2017

This past year was an eventful one, as far as geopolitics is concerned – the European refugee crisis and growing unrest in the Middle East, coupled with China and Russia’s assertive stance on regional issues, caused widespread political instability across several nations.

The Outlook for Procurement in 2017 and Beyond – Global Supertrends and Their Implications

The political and economic changes witnessed in 2016 will continue to have far-reaching effects on global businesses in 2017 and beyond, according to GEP’s recently published annual Procurement Outlook report.

Driving MRO Savings & Efficiencies

A new procurement trend aimed at curtailing widespread inefficiencies within the MRO domain is fast catching up. MRO category managers have started adopting a more methodological approach as they have become aware of the potential savings that an efficiently managed MRO can bring for the company.

A Perspective on Market Access to Immunization

In today’s environment, predominance of deadly infectious diseases coupled with rising healthcare awareness in emerging economies are the major factors driving demand for immunization.

Managing Currency Risk in Procurement

The adage that the only constant is change is especially true in regards to currencies. It is important for procurement professionals to periodically revisit their contracts and ensure they are not caught off guard.

Procurement Organizations to Witness Higher Operating Budget and Increased Staffing in 2016

As per a recent research report from the Hackett Group, Inc., “Procurement Key Issues,” procurement leaders expect operating budgets and staffing to increase slightly in 2016. The increase is foreseen as an outcome of cost reduction efforts along with simultaneous attempts to be better strategic business partners.

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