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The Advent of Boutique Consulting Firms

Have you ever considered a job that paid $20,000 per consultation for being an “expert” at understanding the career and professional goals of your millennial peers? Well, that’s what consultants from a new area called “intergenerational consulting” are being paid today. Their clientele includes leading multi-national firms such as Coca-Cola and Time Warner, technology firms such as Oracle, and leading Wall Street banks such as Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan. They all sought help to stem the erosion of millennial employees who wanted careers that would bring meaningful impact to clients and avoid the drudgery of routine work.

HR Services: Category Trends for 2017

While the emergence of people analytics is set to be a game changer in HR services in 2017, decision makers within HR departments will be at loggerheads to identify the right mix of talent, keep up with changing workforce demographics and introduce innovative methods in keeping their existing workforce motivated and engaged.

Legal Services - Key Trends Driving Change

With firms eyeing transforming legal services from a typical low mature procurement line item to a more strategic function requiring constant monitoring and a more futuristic framework, we take a look at key trends to watch out for this year.

Shared Economy as a Pivotal Force in Corporate Ground Transportation Services

The shared economy business model is set to play an integral role in the corporate travel industry, with the likes of Lyft and Uber pegged to live up to their colossal expectations in redefining traditional travel programs.

De-Equitization of Law Firm Partners on the Rise to Curb Costs

Law firms today face declining profits as a result of decreased demand for legal services, increased pressures from clients to lower costs and loss of market share due to increased competition. This has forced firms to undergo corporate restructuring and cut costs in a bid to remain profitable.

The Gender Wage Gap: How and Why to Bridge It

The gender gap is an ever-present issue in the global workforce and there is no country in the world where women earn at par with their male counterparts. Consumer packaged goods, financial services and energy are some of the industries facing the largest gap in wages. The world average gender wage gap is around 15-20%, with Europe, Oceania and Latin America generally showing less of a disparity than Asia and Africa. Factors like access to education, family commitments, perceived lack of negotiating skills and, at times, simple discrimination has led to an overall lower rate of pay for women.

Private Exchanges – One-Stop Shop for Employee Benefits Management

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) providing the necessary impetus to make healthcare benefits a mandate, private exchanges provide platforms for employees to choose health plans based on convenience. So what is making the online marketplace for buying employee insurance packages popular? What are advantages and pitfalls associated with private exchanges?

Virtual Cards to Revolutionize Payments Industry

Over the past few years, electronic payments for B2B transactions have been increasingly growing. Virtual cards are the leading electronic payables option, with a steady year-on-year growth rate of 9%, expected to reach a spend of $377 billion by 2018.

Duty of Care – A Proactive Approach to Travel Risk

Corporate travel is considered a priority segment by companies, owing to increasing globalization. It comes with the additional critical element of employee safety and security, mainly referred to as Duty of Care/Travel risk management. Duty of Care is the responsibility of employers to employees in maintaining their safety and security while working on international assignments or in remote areas of their home country. To achieve this, employers need to understand possible risks and their impact on employees.

Future of Outsourcing in Professional Services - Key Trends to Watch

As the world awaits the domino effect of the “Trump” card that U.S. recently embraced, one industry that should have their eyes and ears wide open is the outsourcing segment. While we wait on America’s stance on how business services outsourcing will pan out over the next few years, here are some key trends across outsourcing of various professional services determining the future course of the industry.

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