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Private Exchanges – One-Stop Shop for Employee Benefits Management

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) providing the necessary impetus to make healthcare benefits a mandate, private exchanges provide platforms for employees to choose health plans based on convenience. So what is making the online marketplace for buying employee insurance packages popular? What are advantages and pitfalls associated with private exchanges?

Virtual Cards to Revolutionize Payments Industry

Over the past few years, electronic payments for B2B transactions have been increasingly growing. Virtual cards are the leading electronic payables option, with a steady year-on-year growth rate of 9%, expected to reach a spend of $377 billion by 2018.

Duty of Care – A Proactive Approach to Travel Risk

Corporate travel is considered a priority segment by companies, owing to increasing globalization. It comes with the additional critical element of employee safety and security, mainly referred to as Duty of Care/Travel risk management. Duty of Care is the responsibility of employers to employees in maintaining their safety and security while working on international assignments or in remote areas of their home country. To achieve this, employers need to understand possible risks and their impact on employees.

Future of Outsourcing in Professional Services - Key Trends to Watch

As the world awaits the domino effect of the “Trump” card that U.S. recently embraced, one industry that should have their eyes and ears wide open is the outsourcing segment. While we wait on America’s stance on how business services outsourcing will pan out over the next few years, here are some key trends across outsourcing of various professional services determining the future course of the industry.

Biometric Authentication Revolutionizes the Payments Industry

Technological innovations are bringing about a revolution in the way we secure online payments for goods and services. Biometric authentication by face recognition, also known as “selfie pay,” is the latest trend to catch up in the web-based payment space, which allows business users to validate their transactions by means of a photograph of themselves or their fingerprints, eliminating the need for passwords or codes.

Key Trends in Business Travel (Airlines & Hotels)

In the coming years, apart from increasing mergers and acquisitions, the travel industry is bound to be affected by Brexit and new travel-related applications. These applications are aimed toward faster customer services by simplifying processes.

Supplier Diversity & What It Means to a Company

Recently, there has been an increased emphasis on supplier diversity programs across the globe, with many firms introducing this initiative across its key spend areas. Supplier diversity is seen as a business strategy that ensures a diverse supplier base for the procurement of goods and/or services, simultaneously resulting in the inclusion of diverse groups in a company’s procurement plans. And, according to recent findings, firms that embrace diversity are more profitable than the ones who don’t.

How Technology is Changing the Face of Fleet Management

Technology is one of those phenomena that has rewritten traditional modes of business across various walks of life, and corporate fleet management remains no different. The advent of advanced technologies such as telematics, fleet management software and electric vehicles has slowly but surely started altering the demographics of this market.

Impact of the IMS/Quintiles Merger

Healthcare Information provider IMS Health is expected to merge with leader in CRO space Quintiles Transnational by October 2016. IMS Health has agreed to buy Quintiles for USD 9 Billion & the merged entities total market capitalisation is worth USD 18 Billion. The merged entity, to be called Quintiles IMS Holdings, will be the house for best of pharma research skills and analytical data.

Key Trends in Temp Labor and Recruitment Services

Though uncertainty regarding Brexit has resulted in the rise of temporary jobs in UK, it is still too early to predict the post-Brexit era. New immigration policy, labor laws and rights post-Brexit will be the key in determining how the staffing industry needs to adapt to the new Employment Landscape.

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