Sourcing Enterprise Software — Ways to Ensure Cost Savings

Enterprise software is a term that we have come to associate with any software used by businesses (of all sizes and across industry verticals). Enterprise software can be categorized by distinct business functions. Each type of enterprise application can be considered as an individual system due to the integration with an organization’s business processes.

NDC to Revolutionize Corporate Travel

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry supported program launched by IATA (International Air Transport Association) for the development of a new, XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard). NDC allows for enhanced communication between the airlines, agents and technology companies.

After Relentless Cyber-Attacks on Businesses, The Cyber-Insurance Market Booms

With cyber-attacks becoming the norm these days, even threatening to expand into a global epidemic, cyber-risk insurers across the globe are seeing organizations and end users scramble for protection from possible data and information security disasters. While reported global incidences of cyber security breaches have been steadily rising at a year-on-year rate of 30-40% since 2015, cyber insurance companies have struck gold. Per experts, the annual global cyber-insurance premium spend stands at $2-3 billion in 2017 and is poised to touch $14 billion by 2022.

Impact of Qatar Embargo on Helium Markets

In early June, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, along with curtailing sea and air travel. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have also shuttered land borders with Qatar, blocking overland exports. The embargo and sanctions have effectively created a blockade on Qatar, and is expected to have an impact on the helium market. With helium having applications in MRI, cryogenics, electronics, semiconductors, space launching and other lifting applications, this event poses a potential risk in the long term. 

How Procurement Can Capitalize on Lower Commodity Prices in 2017

As projected by several global industry reports, 2017 is likely to see muted economic growth, which will have a direct impact on worldwide commodity prices. With growing concerns around trade relations between the United States and China, the global energy demand will not witness significant growth. In fact, if the U.S.

Outsourcing of Network Services

Today, many organizations are investing a large chunk of money in managing their network services. The need to manage, enhance, maintain and support premise/core network infrastructure and enterprise telecom assets has driven up the demand for network outsourcing.

Industrial Maintenance Services in North America

One of the key services used by the manufacturing and process industries in the MRO space is industrial maintenance services, comprising of mechanical, electrical, construction, industrial cleaning, scaffolding, welding and fabrication services. Over the years, end users have increasingly resorted to outsourcing of these services, as they were non-core and outsourcing enabled them to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary equipment.

Impact of the IMS/Quintiles Merger

Healthcare Information provider IMS Health is expected to merge with leader in CRO space Quintiles Transnational by October 2016. IMS Health has agreed to buy Quintiles for USD 9 Billion & the merged entities total market capitalisation is worth USD 18 Billion. The merged entity, to be called Quintiles IMS Holdings, will be the house for best of pharma research skills and analytical data.

Key Trends in Temp Labor and Recruitment Services

Though uncertainty regarding Brexit has resulted in the rise of temporary jobs in UK, it is still too early to predict the post-Brexit era. New immigration policy, labor laws and rights post-Brexit will be the key in determining how the staffing industry needs to adapt to the new Employment Landscape.

Time for Sourcing to Wake Up to the Internet of Things (IoT) Opportunity

Unless one has been living under a rock for a while, chances are that the concept of ‘Internet of Things,’ commonly referred to as the IoT, is very familiar. Simply put, IoT is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology enabling communication or interaction with their internal states and the external environment. IoT is translating the fevered imagination of science fiction novelists into hard reality as the examples of connected home, connected car, wearables, smart lights, and smart washers are materializing all around us.

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