Vendor Management

WannaCry Malware Attack: An Eye-Opener for Businesses

The outbreak of the “WannaCry” malware attack on May 12, 2017 was an eye-opener for governments, public sector institutions, businesses and individuals around the globe. The scale, reach, pace of spread and impact of the attack was unlike any other cyber-attack before. This may only be the beginning and possibly a wakeup call for organizations and netizens across the globe.

Getting Started with Vendor Management - Part II

Learn various approaches to vendor management and establish metrics to monitor outsourcing relationship's results.

Getting Started with Vendor Management - Part I

Companies can get more value out of procurement outsourcing by placing more value on vendor management.

Recognize and Manage the Difference Between "Strategic Partner" and "Improper Reciprocity" — Part I

Does reciprocity become the standard that any large customer of yours should now expect?

Vendor Agreement vs. Vendor Alignment

True Success Depends on Defining and Contracting for What Really Is Important...

Life after Strategic Sourcing: Supplier Management Programs

I was sitting with one of my former clients recently and we were talking about his procurement journey which encompassed a 14-month strategic sourcing engagement. During this project, we were able to right-size the supply base, drive procurement efficiencies, and realize incredible financial results.

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