Supply Chain Data Management

Why the focus on supply chain data management? Because today’s information-driven supply chains are, in large part, data dependent. Companies that fail to properly track and manage supply chain data lack the ability to make informed decisions, let alone optimize performance.

Now, there’s no excuse. GEP offers comprehensive supply chain data management solutions to enable effective decision-making and drive value across the supply chain lifecycle. Product, vendor, catalog, contract or logistics data – GEP can help.

Data-driven Insight

It’s not the quantity but the quality of data that matters. That bit of knowledge is born out of extensive experience. Working with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprise worldwide for more than a dozen years, GEP has developed a set of best-in-class processes and tools to define and manage data, identify meaningful patterns and generate crucial insights into the performance of your enterprise supply chain.

Fact-based Decisions

GEP uses a full range of proven data management techniques to capture the correct data accurately, minimize redundancy and reduce inconsistency. And GEP works with data from nearly all existing ERP, inventory or warehouse management, transportation management, accounting, or other back-end systems – including SAP, Oracle or any other leading software platforms.

Data management solutions from GEP put all the information you need to manage a more efficient, more agile and less costly supply chain at your fingertips. GEP makes it easy.

Achieve increased compliance with regulatory requirements through robust data governance processes. Get improved visibility across supply chain functions such as procurement, warehousing, inventory, distribution, logistics, and customers. Make data work for you. Contact us today.


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