Supply Market Intelligence

GEP knows the importance of the right information at the right time as only sourcing specialists can.

Access to timely, accurate information is a huge strategic advantage. And its absence is a sizeable risk.

In addition to tracking commodity markets and suppliers, we provide highly customized market intelligence to help procurement professionals make informed decisions with confidence. You get actionable insights that give your team a decisive competitive edge.

GEP’s dedicated market intelligence team supports CPOs and category managers from market -leading enterprises worldwide, as well as its procurement consultants, through custom-configured engagement models.Learn more about Supply Market Intelligence from GEP

Our capabilities include:

Category Intelligence

With hundreds of in-house category specialists on staff and a large external network of subject matter experts, our teams continuously track commodities and materials markets.

These include supply, demand and commodity price trends, market dynamics, including new entrants, mergers and acquisitions, technologies and innovation, and regulatory changes, among many others.

Using the deep domain knowledge of our experts in the field, along with formal research through numerous third-party resources, we’re able to deliver data-driven insights to support the most complex decision-making requirements in sourcing and procurement.

Supplier Intelligence

GEP maintains one of the most extensive supplier networks in the industry, with over 35 million suppliers in our database across the globe. Our proprietary information is further enriched by third-party sources.

By blending these data streams, we’re able to provide fully dimensional evaluations of supplier capabilities, from financial health to performance, diversity and sustainability ratings.

In addition, our market intelligence team constantly conducts original research customized to client requirements. Whether you’re looking for new suppliers, globally or in a specific geography, or are seeking in-depth, multi-criteria assessments of your existing suppliers, we can help.

Sourcing Intelligence

We help sourcing professionals help identify the right sourcing strategy as well as provide support with research during the entire sourcing process.

In addition to category and supplier analyses, we bring spend and savings benchmarks developed over thousands of sourcing projects across more than a dozen years – cost drivers analysis, clean-sheet costing, make vs. buy decisions, sourcing and contracting best practices.

We track organization and category-level metrics and commodity indices to help sourcing professionals execute faster and conduct fact-based, and more effective, negotiations. 

Custom Research

We offer custom research services in a highly flexible delivery model to reduce risk for our clients and enable them to focus on decision-making. Examples include:

  • Finding the best country from which to source specific goods
  • Identifying high-impact innovations in technology
  • Analyzing supply chain risk
  • Identifying and sourcing green substitutes


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