Clunky processes, rising off-contract spend, escalating error rates … the current source-to-settle (S2S) landscape is rife with inefficiency. A lot of the blame can be ascribed to outdated, manual methods of sourcing and contract management that just don’t cut it anymore.  

Today, automation is the way to go. And in the S2S space, it takes shape in powerful, unified eSourcing and contract lifecycle management (CLM) software capable of handling critical business data, boosting contract visibility and compliance, and enabling businesses to realize greater savings and shield themselves from supply risk.

The 2018 Sourcing and Contract Management Insight Report by PayStream Advisors and GEP provides a detailed overview of the present-day S2S space, complete with a comprehensive review of current processes and contemporary eSourcing and CLM technology.

Get your complimentary copy today and see how you can catalyze better value, better compliance, and greater savings for your enterprise.

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