To help sustain a downturn, you want to trim your material and operational costs out of your P&L today.

Now is the time to step up and help weather the storm. Head-count reduction, consolidation, bankruptcy and production cuts aren’t the full answer.

The latest GEP BULLETIN “What to Do About Falling Oil Prices” directly addresses how to manage procurement and your supply chain in the current unstable economic climate.

Learn all about how to:

  • Use targeted, realistic sourcing of key spend categories
  • Make the right investments in user-first, intelligent supply chain technology

With 20 years of procurement and supply chain experience, GEP is uniquely positioned to help build targeted downturn strategies quickly with our proprietary market intelligence built specifically for oil and gas categories such as, tubulars, beams, cementing, liner hanger, mud plant, coating, and well intervention services.