Energy & Utilities: How Procurement Is Navigating the Forces of Change

The global Energy and Utilities (E&U) sector is absorbing various new and powerful market dynamics – nationalism, policy changes, fewer regulations and lower corporate taxes, to name a few. Historical market leaders are being edged aside by new challengers. These forces will shape and drive procurement strategies at E&U companies in the years to come.

What do they mean for your business? What are the implications for specific categories, such as oil, gas, nuclear, wind and solar? And what steps can you take to successfully navigate these changes?

On November 7, a new webinar will evaluate the effect of these current and emerging market dynamics on sourcing and procurement in this sector. GEP's top E&U specialists will also share insights regarding solutions, strategies, programs and goals that will help procurement organizations better manage their assets and anticipate future challenges.

Energy and utilities impact us all – and every procurement pro, within or outside the E&U sector, will greatly benefit from this webinar.


Webinar Topic:
Energy & Utilities: How Procurement Is Navigating the Forces of Change

Stephen Bucalo
Vice President, Consulting Services

Jason Allukian
Director, Consulting Services

Date:  Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM ET (GMT 04:00 PM)  
Duration: 60 minutes with live Q&A

Webinar presented by GEP