Today’s enterprises are finding that the cloud is the solution to many of their most urgent requirements – agility, scalability, flexibility, cost effectiveness and risk management. The cloud is increasingly eclipsing on-premises systems and opening a path to true digital transformation. And top procurement organizations are riding this wave, leveraging cloud technology to achieve a dramatic shift from tactical to strategic, from “order taking” to unquestioned value creation.

But IT specialists know that not all cloud platforms are the same; there’s cloud, and then there’s Microsoft Azure, the unquestioned top-of-the-line cloud computing platform. Procurement teams that are striving to achieve best-in-class performance should be looking at ways to incorporate the best-in-class cloud platform into their operation.

A new video from Microsoft Azure and GEP SMARTTM explains how to make this happen. GEP SMART is the world’s first unified source-to-pay software platform built directly in the cloud — not just any cloud, but Microsoft Azure.

Does this make a difference in terms of the effectiveness and ROI of procurement software? You bet it does. Watch now, and find out exactly why.