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-Dr.Subhash Makhija,
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


Stephen Bucalo Vice President of GEP and a 30 years veteran in strategic sourcing will address China Sourcing as an integral component of a business strategy to...

GEP is proud to announce it’s newest guest post on Spend Matters, titled “Apple’s Procurement Strategy”. In 2012 alone, Apple sold more...

GEP is pleased to announce our newest blog post on Spend Matters, titled “Marketing Likes to Party: Make Sure Procurement Gets Invited” by Tyler...

GEP is proud to announce yet another guest blog post on Spend Matters. This post is by Joel Johnson and talks about 3D printing and what it means for the future...

What if Steve Jobs were CPO? What would he do? What changes would he make? And how would he view procurement?

In our new guest blog post on Spend Matters...

GEP is happy to announce another guest post on Spend Matters. This post was written by Shweta Shanker and discusses the important of procurement and marketing...

“We know each client, each company, is different. So we don’t force-feed rigid, often routine, prescriptions. GEP is different – flexible, client- centric, with modular solutions configured to your requirements. As your needs change, as your business evolves, we’re here to work with you.”

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