Knowledge Bank

Procurement leaders worldwide look to GEP for process, technology and industry expertise. We are honored by this trust and happy to share what we’ve learned over a dozen years of complex problem solving. So we maintain the GEP Knowledge Bank to share at least some of our extensive stock of hard-won insights with you.

The GEP Knowledge Bank encompasses proprietary research, issue-orientated whitepapers and webinars, often featuring leading third-party analysts and advisors, case studies, and playbooks and primers in a variety of easy-access formats.

We ask that you register to access these materials, so we track what’s important to you and develop like materials over time. You can also sign-up for notifications when new research and insights are published.

White Papers

Thought leadership, best practices and insights for procurement professionals

Research Reports

Original research on key procurement trends from leading analysts.

Case Studies

Procurement leaders detail challenges overcome, opportunities utilized and savings realized.


It's all about procurement. Real people, real challenges and some real good ideas.


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Original research on key procurement trends from leading analysts


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