GEP is a diverse, creative team of people passionate about procurement.

We invest ourselves entirely in our client’s success, creating strong collaborative relationships that deliver extraordinary value year after year.

We deliver practical, effective services and software that enable procurement leaders to maximize their impact on business operations, strategy and financial performance.

Our clients include market global leaders with far-flung international operations, Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises, leading government and public institutions. Like us, they’ll tell you – Saving is Believing.

That’s just some of the things that we do in our quest to build a beautiful company, enjoy the journey and make a difference.
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GEP Can Do

GEP | Spend & Transaction
We manage approximately $58 billion in spend and six million transactions annually for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies
GEP | Savings
We realize tens of millions of dollars in cost savings for clients every year
GEP | Operational Efficiency
We help boost operational efficiency, saving clients hundreds of thousands of man hours and boosting productivity
GEP | Core Flexibility
We help clients engineer more agile, more flexible organizations with enhanced strategic capabilities and focus
GEP | Success Achieved
We help our clients achieve greater success, advance to increasingly interesting challenges and enriching career experiences

Flexible Partner

Flexible PartnerWe know each client, each company, is different. So we don’t force-feed rigid, often routine, prescriptions. GEP is different – flexible, client-centric, with modular solutions configured to your requirements. As your needs change, as your business evolves, we’re here to work with you.

Custom Configured

GEP | Custom ConfiguredThe saying goes “when all you have is a hammer, every problem is a nail.” GEP has the most comprehensive set of procurement solutions available anywhere – a full range of tools. So, in contrast to companies that answer before the question is asked, we listen. And together we figure out what makes most sense for you.

Customer Delight

GEP \ Customer DelightAsk any GEP client – we’re decidedly passionate about our work. Our goal is nothing less than results, relationships and an overall experience that delights you. Yes, we achieve results rapidly, but we’re no less committed to sustaining those results over time.

Talent Worldwide

GEP | Talent WorldwideBased just outside of New York City in Clark, NJ, GEP has offices and operations in North and South America, Europe and Asia. We understand the ground game market by market and bring together people of immense talent and accomplishment into one dedicated team. So you get local insight on a global basis.


Big Ideas Inspired by You

GEP has earned an industrywide reputation for innovation. But it all starts with you.
Share your thoughts, comments, ideas and suggestions with us. What could we do better? Drop us a note – we’re eager to hear what you have to say.
** Our policy is to respond within 24 hours.
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