GEP Contract

At any given moment, Global 2000 enterprises manage thousands of active contracts simultaneously.But even lesser volumes can absorb substantial amounts of time, money and attention – and generate a ton of paper work.

You can do better. GEP Contract can help you reduce the time (and paper!) used to author, manage and track contracts and optimize compliance.

And any procurement pro will tell you that compliance is key to capturing actual savings.

Join the high-performance organizations proactively managing supplier performance against their SLAs, using GEP Contract's automated work flows and flexible technology to extend the power and reach of their purchasing and procurement teams.

GEP Contract is a smart practical solution that brings procurement, legal, sales and other stakeholders together in one intuitive, easy-to-deploy contract administration, management and compliance solution.

It's intuitive because it is designed by procurement professionals for procurement professionals. It's easy to-deploy because it bolts on to any system (including SAP and every major ERP platform) and works on any device.

Platform-agnostic GEP Contract – one part of the modular GEP Suite 5.0 procurement platform – is a best-in-class, software-as-a-service (SaaS) module developed by GEP, a leading provider of procurement services and technology.

Key Features

Intelligent Repository
Access relevant contracts with a robust, free text and string search in the centralized, web-based warehouse of contracts
Alerts & Event Reminders
User-configurable, autoalerts call for action on contracts that need attention
Version Control
Detailed audit logs of amendments speed smooth version comparison
Reports & Analytics
Integrated reports based on user-defined attributes to track contract execution and compliance
Microsoft Native
Documents move to and from MS Office seamlessly; eliminates duplicative entry, speeds integration of third-party and legacy documents
Collaborative Authoring
Route contract drafts internally with stakeholders and externally with suppliers for review, editing and redlining
Template Library
Create contracts using standard pre-configured components (from the template library) existing contracts or a recently completed RFQ


Rapid Creation
Reduce bottlenecks and accelerate the process cycle of collaboratively authoring contracts with your suppliers
Increased Visibility
Get real-time, enterprise-wide contract visibility for better, more informed business decisions
Reduce Risk
Track and prepare for critical deadlines, reduce contractual as well as supplier-related exposures and risks
Decrease Errors
Accurately track changes in contracts and exceptions during execution and time to renewal
Boost Performance
Document, track and measure supplier performance against SLAs
Better Bottom Line
Improved contract management helps extend your reach, curb maverick spend compliance and save money
Faster Adoption
Minimize time to deployment, with SaaS-based architecture


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