GEP Purchase

Flexible GEP Purchase is easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and proven effective. With minimum disruption, this complete procure-to-pay (P2P) solution boosts control, compliance and process efficiency, and slashes paper work, processing errors and costs.

Designed by procurement pros for procurement pros, our cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology automates and streamlines best-practice purchasing and procurement work processes. From order to invoice, your company will see greater efficiencies, gain valuable insights into spending patterns and save more money.

Intuitive interfaces flatten your team's learning curve, speeding time-to-value and enhancing user satisfaction from Day One. And because it's cloud-based and platform-agnostic (works with SAP or any other major ERP system), the risk of spiraling infrastructure and support costs is eliminated.

With GEP Purchase, you can give buyers electronic access to your supplier catalogs, including hosted /contracted catalogs and punch-out / commercial catalogs. Buyers can compare shopping across different suppliers or lines, fill shopping carts and place easily trackable orders.

From requisition to approval, automated three-way matching to exception handling, supplier communication and relationship management, receiving, payment and reporting - GEP Purchase has been field tested over scores of deployments at Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies.

Key Features

Electronic creation and approvals of requisitions for catalog or non-catalog spend
Simple catalog interface allows users to select items through hosted or punch-out catalogs, and add them to their shopping cart
Purchase Orders
Create purchase orders with or without requisition, and track them at all stages
Configure goods received by commodity and create partial or a full receipt, with multiple drop-off and match options
Intelligent line-by-line PO and invoice matching process, with capabilities to pick exceptions & rapid approval system
Process Automation
Automates all downstream processes; cuts time, errors and paper work
Cloud Computing
SaaS-based solution drastically reduces infrastructure costs and deployment times across locations


Quick Deployment & Ease of Use
Rapid implementation across business units, with minimal or no training required for any level of user
Centralized Catalog Repository
Key supplier information capable of integrating hosted & punchout catalogs offering seamless view for purchasing
Supplier Incentive
No punitive charges for participation in purchasing process, helping maximize vendor participation
Capture and record all data for a robust audit logging through the entire invoicing lifecycle, reducing errors, inefficiencies and paperwork
Spend Visibility
Identify spending patterns by category, supplier or geography and locate savings opportunities
Control & Compliance
Better insights and spend visibility enable users to comply with pre-negotiated contracts and minimize maverick spend


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