GEP RFx/Auction

Effective, easy-to-use GEP RFx/Auction helps you streamline RFx-to-award cycles and achieve best-value agreements whenever you source. Quickly identify, evaluate and qualify new suppliers. Drive competition for your business and manage risk. Maximize value for money.

Cloud-based GEP RFx/Auction gets you there fast, helping you realize and sustain immediate savings. It’s engineered to work with SAP or any major ERP system. No burdensome hardware, software or integration costs. No costly training delays or expenses.

GEP RFx/Auction – designed and developed by procurement professionals for procurement professionals– brings together best-practice processes, streamlined workflows and intuitive interfaces in one user-friendly, software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology.

Collaborating across offices and geographies, your team can evaluate suppliers and author new proposals. Guided by your unique internal parameters, supplier responses are standardized and compiled. And because everything is tracked and documented electronically, reports can be generated automatically, allowing multiple teams to access the quotes.

In addition to helping drive supplier negotiations, RFx data can be automatically flowed into the auction tool. You can set up a live event within minutes and see your potential savings in real time. And in a few clicks, award decisions can be sent directly to GEP Contract.

Key Features

Collaborative Authoring
Build multi-line proposals and quotes with flexible forms, templates, wizards, and consistent workflows across BUs, regions and suppliers
Supplier Intelligence
Increase exposure to supplier base; get top and lateral views of your database
Invite suppliers to remotely participate in auctions; gain cross-sectional visibility into supplier responses
Real-time Auctions
Achieve true, up-to-the-minute market pricing on products and services, stimulate competition
Process Integration
Activate sourcing waves based on data from GEP Spend and finalize contracts with GEP Contract
Cloud-based Technology
Subscription-based SaaS tools for quick, fast and economical implementation


Maximize Results
Standardize your team's operations on documented, best-practice processes that deliver tangible savings fast
Speed Adoption
Intuitive, easy-to-use tools flatten the learning curve, increase adoption and sustain use over the long term
Improve Choice
Identify and qualify new suppliers, cultivate a broader supplier base and react quickly to the threat of supplier failure
Fact-based Review
Automatic standardization of supplier responses and sourcing data helps you see apples-to-apples comparison in real time
Save up to 25 per cent to 40 per cent
Using GEP RFx/Auction to source savings; increase gains with additional modules in GEP Suite 5.0 integrated procurement platform
Automate, Streamline
GEP cuts 40 per cent from RFx-to-Auction cycle times; reduces paper work and errors


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