GEP Spend

GEP Spend – part of the modular GEP Suite 5.0 procurement platform – is a best-in-class, software-as-a-service (SaaS) spend management solution that cleanses, validates, classifies and reports spend data across disparate systems.

The result is accurate, actionable information, with item-level visibility across the enterprise. That's critical to your procurement team's success in streamlining strategic sourcing waves, reducing maverick spend and realizing substantial cost savings.

GEP Spend is an artificial intelligence-based tool, built on proprietary algorithms and field-tested in hundreds of complex engagements. All of which help GEP Spend achieve classification accuracy of 95 per cent. And GEP Spend provides granular visibility on spending trends and buying activities.

What's more, GEP Spend identifies additional opportunities for savings using fresh market intelligence and real-world learnings of GEP's industry-leading strategic sourcing and consulting services teams. No other tool can provide that kind of tangible value-add.

GEP Spend cleanses raw spend data, removing duplicate records and validating numeric values. Next, the data is enriched and normalized to eliminate taxonomic discrepancies. Then our artificial intelligence-based engine converts the data into meaningful analysis reported in customizable formats.

Key Features

Source Agnostic
GEP Spend automatically maps data headers from multiple formats of input files
Artificial Intelligence
A.I.-based, self-learning system tracks spend data more accurately than ever before
Commodity, company or role specific rules can be configured into system
Taxonomy Agnostic
User-defined workflows for classification of relevant spend data promote a culture of data hygiene, starting at the source
Quality Assurance
Accurate spend classification improves consistency and quality to the line-item
Customized Reporting
Multi-dimensional spend analysis reports by supplier or BU fragmentation, price variance
SaaS-based solution drastically reduces deployment times across locations
Value-Added Functionality
Sourcing-based taxonomies, dynamic dashboards, automated wave plans and scheduled reports; integrates seamlessly with MS Excel & Word


Speed & Universality
Leverage data input from multiple sources, neutralizing file formats of source-data
Minimal Training
Track and reveal nuances in spend patterns through user intuitive interfaces that require little or no training
Customized Taxonomies
Support multiple taxonomy standards with a customized focus on what works best for your organization
Up to 95 per cent accuracy improves procurement productivity while minimizing human intervention
Flexible Reports
Graphical and tabular dashboards with detailed drilldowns for supplier analysis, categories, regions, spend volume
Quicker deployment and improved scalability for faster adoption, reinforcing focus on bottom line objectives
Sustainable Savings
Valuable insight on spend management, aligning spend analysis with your procurement goals


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