Shekhar Tiwari

Global Head of Managed Services

Shekhar Tiwari is the global head of Managed Services, at GEP, based in Mumbai. With 32 years of supply chain management (SCM) experience, including nearly two decades in leadership, Shekhar is an expert and known leader in the field. 

With a stellar career spanning three decades with Proctor & Gamble, PepsiCo, Accenture and recently with Deloitte, he brings a wealth of skills, experience and leadership to the role.

He has managed end-to-end SCM work around manufacturing, planning, sales, marketing and brand management and utilized his rich experience to set-up managed services capabilities to serve global clients and businesses. He is particularly motivated by the market success of iconic products and focuses on unlocking value in SCM through process reengineering, technological innovation and talent development.

He also plays a significant role outside GEP, working with the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Institute of Supply Chain Management on developing SCM talent. An established end-to-end SCM authority, Shekhar has been recognized for his contributions to the field, including the 2022 ISCM Consulting Leader of the Year award.

A Vikram University graduate, Shekhar holds numerous SCM certifications from institutions like MIT, IIT and IIM.