Empowering Businesses to Create a Sustainable Future Empowering Businesses to Create a Sustainable Future


Our world requires transformative solutions to address urgent environmental and social challenges. Recognizing this need, GEP introduces GEP GREEN — a comprehensive software suite designed to measure and advance ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) progress, aligning seamlessly with your enterprise's overarching vision. Capitalizing on the advantages of a unified platform, GEP GREEN effortlessly integrates with GEP SMART and GEP NEXXE, our industry-leading procurement and supply chain management solutions, as well as with external platforms, ensuring end-to-end visibility and effective management of your ESG performance.

Champion Sustainability With GEP GREEN

GEP GREEN is designed to help enterprises meet ambitious ESG goals, including achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and meeting Billion Dollar Diversity Roundtable and socially responsible sourcing targets. Through robust applications and analytics powered by advanced and generative AI, GEP GREEN offers a dynamic approach to sustainability, enabling organizations to set accurate targets as well as efficiently manage and report on their ESG performance.



GEP GREEN helps you measure your ESG performance across a wide range of environmental, social and governance metrics, including:

  • Environmental
    Emissions management, waste management, water management and energy management 
  • Social
    Supplier diversity, supply chain risk management, employee engagement and human rights
  • Governance
    Sustainability policy coverage, ESG governance structure reporting and supplier code of conduct alignment



How Your Business Can Achieve Its Sustainability Goals With GEP GREEN 

Manufacturing Visibility

ESG Data & Analytics

Uncover and leverage insights. Our tool offers emissions and diversity profiling, integrates transaction data (from logistics to manufacturing), allows you to track progress against corporate KPIs, and equips you with an ESG control tower for timely alerts and issue resolutions.


  • Correlate ESG  data with your spending patterns to make more informed decisions
  • Gather supplier sustainability reports from varied sources, including renowned entities like CDP, Tealbook, Ecovadis  and even direct supplier feedback
  • Access user-friendly dashboards to gain clear visibility  of your ESG performance and reports

Manufacturing Visibility

ESG Suppliers

Engage and collaborate with suppliers effectively, while also enhancing your supplier ESG risk management capabilities.


  • Enrich your existing supplier database by gathering critical sustainability information, aiding in responsible sourcing
  • Employ our ESG scorecard to evaluate and manage potential risks in your supply chain with supplier collaboration
  • Integrate third-party ESG data for a 360 view of supplier relationships

Manufacturing Visibility

ESG Strategy Workbench

Chart your path to a sustainable future. Focus on specific areas like carbon emissions or diversity, refine your strategies for a low-carbon future, and analyze various “what-if" scenarios to ensure you're making the best choices for your business and the planet.


  • Integrate seamlessly with our category workbench , ensuring that sustainability is a core part of your business decisions
  • Leverage data from various sources to consistently monitor and improve your ESG performance
  • Model emissions abatement scenarios to shape your decarbonization strategy

Manufacturing Visibility

ESG Project Tracking

Stay in command of your green initiatives. From big-picture strategies to individual tasks, oversee all your ESG projects and clearly see how they align with and impact your sustainability targets.


  • Integrate seamlessly with our ESG Strategy Workbench for driving the Strategies through specific actions and milestones and their effects on sustainability metrics
  • Maintain clear visibility into your project pipeline and forecasted sustainability impact
  • Enable smooth project workflows with status updates and cross-functional transparency

Achieve Long-Term Sustainable Success With GEP

GEP GREEN is built on the synergy of innovative software and services, coupled with AI-driven insights and analytics, empowering businesses to determine baselines, set targets, measure performance and make quantifiable progress toward ESG goals.

From emissions reduction to data quality assurance and advanced analytics, GEP GREEN is your partner toward a more sustainable and responsible future. Leverage GEP's rich, industry-spanning expertise and take advantage of an agile and cost-efficient approach that promises rapid time-to-value.

Join us in this transformative journey. Let GEP GREEN power your drive toward sustainability.