Data security at our core Data security at our core


Supplier information, spend data, contract documents — all of this is business-critical, confidential data that must always be kept secure. Many organizations, even today, share their most critical data using email. Processed, refined, and easily interpretable data — concerning the company’s spend, top suppliers, saving opportunities or anything more critical — well presented on a spreadsheet and sent out as reports to various stakeholders via email sounds like trouble.

Although your core transactional data is safe behind the firewall, the spreadsheet has distilled, critical information replicated to all your stakeholder’s laptops, phones and tablets. If any of the devices are lost or stolen, your critical data could fall into the wrong hands.

Secure Data – Always, Everywhere

GEP Software is native to the market-leading Microsoft Azure cloud platform that provides unmatched data security. But it doesn’t stop there. GEP Software secures your most sensitive data with multi-layered security. While we refrain from sharing intricate details of our security mechanisms publicly (for obvious reasons), be rest assured that your data is a lot safer in GEP Software than any behind-the-firewall solution in the market.

The scale of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform gives far greater scope for redundancy and disaster prevention than any enterprise can plan for or budget. User information is limited to login credentials and business configurations, and no third party has access to any data, unless required to do so by applicable laws. State-of-the-art encryption, cryptography and database infrastructure ensure that your data is always secure, no matter where it resides, or is accessed. Also, if a device is ever lost, stolen, or compromised, your data is still safe.


Data Protection

Your most valuable data assets are kept secure. By eliminating file and message-based sharing, you can ensure that detailed business information can be shared only with those who need to know … and no one else, but still give access wherever needed.

Back up and Redundancy

GEP Software is a cloud-native solution that delivers complete data protection through replication, backup and redundancy, without any intervention or impact on you or your users. How? By using the world’s most sophisticated cloud infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

No more intensive training programs and lengthy user manuals. Feel at home right from your first login. Boost user adoption and flatten the learning curve with GEP Software’s intuitive interface that requires minimal or no training.

The Azure Advantage

GEP Software is native to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, providing unmatched security, scalability and robustness that becomes yours to command. Wherever you are, whatever device you use, you have access to the same procurement power.

High Performance Procurement

Scalability, responsiveness, uptime and performance – these are critical in a fast-growing business. As your business grows and changes, so do the demands on your systems. GEP Software will scale with you, at your pace, however fast that may be.

One Version of Truth

Making crucial decisions supported by data you can trust is critical for success. Cloud-native GEP Software ensures that the report, document or contract you see is the latest version. No more vital documents getting lost in email or paper files.