Automate End-To-End Order Management Automate End-To-End Order Management

Order Processing Software

It’s every procurement professional’s ideal to get all your enterprise’s spend firmly under management control – to entirely rid your organization of that niggling off-contract spending, and ensure that all purchasing activity is compliant with strategic plans that have so painstakingly been put in place. Ideal is here. Order Processing from GEP SMARTTM offers all this, and even more in the way of ease and convenience.

Collaborate with your internal customers more efficiently using automated order management processes which generate purchase requisitions prepopulated with the correct account codes. Then, direct them to the right approvers to turn them into purchase orders. Keep off-catalog spend under management by making the approved process so much simpler.

Maximize your flexibility in creating, reviewing and approving purchase orders – take complete control of your enterprise’s buying activity and monitor payments made to suppliers, thereby preventing over-ordering and improving supplier relations. GEP SMART also lets you customize the appearance and content of your purchase orders, allowing you to take advantage of standardized formats for easy, consistent and error-free processing.

GEP SMART is the easiest way to purchase, making maverick spending the more difficult choice. The guided buying experience makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for, without the need to type in common information every time. You can directly and seamlessly present purchase orders to suppliers via email, portal, cXML, EDI, and other channels. What’s more, the unification of the GEP SMART platform means that every order raised is always connected to the catalog and hence to the contract and therefore, to your strategic plan. Ideal.

The flexibility of the solutions is a real advantage for us because our sourcing initiative will continue to evolve and we believe that GEP's procurement technology can accommodate these changes.

— Vice President of Strategic Sourcing at Starwood Hotels and Resorts



Transform the way you create and manage requisitions with the intuitive and powerful GEP SMART procurement platform. Gain the capability to raise smarter purchase requests quicker

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Approval Workflow

Automate your approval workflow and manage the entire approval hierarchy – from start to finish – while boosting compliance and user adoption with GEP SMART

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Accounting Information

Enable your AP team to deliver a step-change in order processing efficiency. GEP SMART improves your order-to-payment management by automating the capture and processing of invoice data

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Supplier Acceptance

Boost collaboration with your suppliers by enabling them to connect with GEP SMART to update records, respond to RFXs, participate in bidding events and do much more

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Compliant Purchasing

Bid farewell to maverick purchases. Unlock new levels of efficiency in your enterprise’s front-end procurement process. Eliminate off-contract spending and buy only from approved vendors every time


Custom POs

Personalize the look and feel of your purchase orders. Obtain maximum flexibility in PO creation and approvals. Improve ease of use and limit processing errors with standardized formats