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Source-to-Contract Outsourcing

You have a great team in place, good control on your spend and strong relationships with stakeholders as well as suppliers. What more can you do to achieve and increase year-on-year savings? How do you improve the return on investment when operating costs show a natural increase? Your team has acquired deep expertise in the respective categories it manages, built strong relationships with business stakeholders. What if it could focus more on creating strategies, developing suppliers and negotiating deals? 

GEP's source-to-contract services deliver breakthrough improvements in year-on-year savings, empower your team to do more with their time and drastically improve return on operating costs. 

GEP has developed a unique position for itself ... for both direct and indirect spend, as well as deep domain, industry, and technology expertise.

— Everest Group

GEP SMART Recognized As Best Procurement Software Platform At World Procurement Awards 2019

Best-in-Class Services

Our source-to-contract services reside on a solid infrastructure of cutting-edge analytical capabilities, real-time market intelligence, category expertise and state-of-the-art procurement software

Why GEP?

GEP is the only leading global provider of procurement services and software focused exclusively on procurement. And our procurement consulting engagements are designed, managed and executed by experienced procurement professionals.

We blend local, regional and global expertise – and economics – from GEP offices and operations centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas, providing you and your team a remarkable depth and breadth of capabilities at a terrific value.

And with the industry’s widest range of procurement offerings – strategy, software and managed services – GEP isn’t married to one category of procurement solution. We get results. 

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We provide end-to-end services in the sourcing cycle - from spend analysis and opportunity identification to contract implementation. The services are offered in modular and highly flexible engagement models. We can support your category managers by providing support throughout the sourcing cycle or take the end-to-end ownership of outsourced categories. 

Gaining an accurate and deep visibility into your entire spend across categories and business lines is the first step in sharpening your sourcing strategies and processes. GEP's spend analysis service, backed by the powerful, AI-based spend analytics of GEP SMART — our cloud-based procurement platform — provides an item-level visibility into your spend, enabling you to view your spend data from any dimension and assess sourcing opportunities with ease.

Our team of category experts augments the output from the spend analysis tool by providing actionable insights into saving opportunities, benchmarking key category metrics and the supplier base. Additionally, our team of analysts supports client teams with complex analytical needs like TCO modeling, value engineering, clean-sheet costing, SKU rationalization, and master data cleaning and management.

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Our sourcing support service drastically reduces cycle times of the strategic sourcing process while improving results. Global teams bring specific capabilities in each process step and enable parallel execution of activities, supporting client category managers throughout the sourcing cycle, so they can focus on strategic activities, address more spend and build stronger relationships with stakeholders.

Through actionable market intelligence, advanced analytics and superior speed of execution, we accelerate and significantly improve decision-making for category leaders. Specific activities could involve analyzing large spend data sets and identifying savings opportunities; finding the category cost drivers, time to source or capable suppliers; managing suppliers during the sourcing process; creating and running RFx and auction events; providing fact-based negotiation scripts; doing a complex bid optimization analysis; or redlining a contract template, among numerous others.

Our sourcing support service is designed to truly empower procurement managers with the support they need to deliver better results. Our engagement model is highly flexible and collaborative. The level of support can vary, based on client needs. We can provide on-demand support, fill strategic gaps or manage complete categories.

Find out how several market-leading companies have transformed their procurement capabilities and reduced operating costs, while significantly improving results, using our sourcing support services. Contact us today to learn more.

GEP brings years of experience in managing eSourcing across hundreds of indirect and direct categories. With our intuitive and powerful eRFx and eAuction tools designed by procurement professionals, our category-specific expertise, and a streamlined process for managing eSourcing events, we consistently add value to our clients in terms of incremental dollar savings, freed-up time for more strategic activities and improved responsiveness and efficiency.

We firmly believe that eSourcing in general, and eAuction, are not strategies but tools that enable an efficient and transparent sourcing process. Our team of eSourcing specialists successfully manages thousands of events every year, ranging from simple to extremely complex, across almost every category. They bring practical know-how to support our clients with actionable insights on negotiation and auction strategies by leveraging our vast sourcing expertise.

Our teams support clients across all activities involved in an RFx and auction event:

  • Designing RFx by leveraging our vast library of RFP templates for most categories
  • Assessing category suitability for auctions
  • Developing category-specific auction strategies, including pre-auction filtering, lotting structures, bidding rules, visibility and extension rules, among others
  • Auction setup, training and supplier communication
  • Support for suppliers during the event
  • Post-auction bid and scenario analysis

While our teams bring strong expertise in several commonly-used eSourcing platforms, GEP also offers its own highly versatile and intuitive, cloud-native eSourcing platform, GEP SMART, incorporating best-in-class functionalities and learnings from thousands of sourcing events. Learn more about sourcing with GEP SMART.

Moving from an agreement on business terms with a supplier to a signed contract requires a special skill. If not managed effectively, the process can drag on for months. And the longer it takes to finalize the contract, the longer it will take your company to realize that contract's value and benefits.

GEP's contracting support teams help compress the time from agreement in principle to a signed contract, reduce contract risk and ensure you get the best possible terms. Our specialists support the seamless execution of supply agreements, master agreements, statements of work and NDAs by working directly with your procurement and legal teams, freeing up your category managers to address more spend and driving greater savings in the process.

In addition to providing contracting support, we maintain our clients' contract repository, contract uploading and meta-data entry. We track renewals and rebates, and we manage contract compliance and reporting.

GEP SMART simplifies and automates the entire contracting and contract administration process. Purpose-built for procurement professionals, GEP SMART features collaborative authoring, template and clause libraries, alerts and event reminders, intelligence repositories, and superior reporting.

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Several of our clients choose to take advantage of GEP's category management services for their non-core spend so they can focus on more strategic categories. Under these engagements, GEP takes complete ownership of end-to-end activities in the category management cycle, including sourcing, spend analysis, contract management, supplier performance management, and savings and compliance tracking, among others. With more than 300 category experts in our team and a solid infrastructure, we deliver significant and sustainable savings year-on-year while improving supplier performance and reducing risk.

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