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Procurement Portal Guided Buying

Give your requestors the power to find the right goods and services quickly and smartly, without having them invest precious hours in research. With Guided Buying from GEP SMARTTM, you can do just that and much more – let the software do the heavy lifting, while you claim the benefits of fast and accurate buying assessments and pinpoint suggestions.

Guided Buying is a highly resourceful support system, specially designed to navigate you through relevant buying channels and search vast volumes of content across GEP SMART and your legacy systems. Short, simple and well-structured questionnaires serve as tools to capture your inputs, understand your requirements and direct you speedily to the right place.

Seamlessly access all major purchasing portals in a matter of seconds with quick links – another key feature of the multi-channel system. And it doesn’t end there; with category cards, you can derive thorough, firsthand insights into key categories, curated by leading category professionals applying their expert knowledge.

What’s more; the Guided Buying process can be tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing optimal use of your favored purchasing channels irrespective of which software system you use. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using GEP SMART or another platform, Guided Buying points you in the right direction every time.