Intelligent Procurement Management Software That Drives Superior Results Intelligent Procurement Management Software That Drives Superior Results

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GEP SMART™ is an AI-powered, unified source-to-pay (S2P) procurement software platform that brings end-to-end procurement functionality for direct and indirect spend management  into an intelligent, cloud-native platform. With a comprehensive range of procurement tools within one system, GEP SMART eliminates the need for separate, stand-alone procurement software, modules or tools for specific functions. GEP SMART streamlines the end-to-end procurement process, accelerates digital transformation, elevates your procurement team’s performance and enhances its strategic reach and impact on the business.

By unifying the complete range of procurement software functionality into a single platform, GEP SMART becomes the single global procurement solution for all users — delivering incisive procurement analysis and decisive insights to the CPO, full category-wide control to sourcing managers, and immediately-available catalogs and “consumerized” ordering to buyers.


Features of GEP SMART Unified Procurement System

Features of the GEP SMART Unified Procurement Software

GEP SMART has been designed for today’s procurement professionals who need and demand greater usability and accessibility. It leverages the cognitive power of AI and scalability of the cloud to offer a single, digital workspace for all types of users. GEP SMART’s mobile-native design is ideal in a world where professionals are increasingly untethered from their physical offices — enabling them to source, procure, pay, and effectively manage the entire procurement planning process from wherever they are working.

Features of GEP SMART Procurement Software - Digital Workplace
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is revolutionizing business processes across all functions. The powerful, innovative AI capabilities built into GEP SMART execute processes across the source-to-pay operations spectrum, from spend analysis and sourcing to purchase order processing and invoice management.

Robotics Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

GEP SMART leverages the power of RPA, incorporating AI and machine learning to perform repetitive, conventionally time-consuming tasks and freeing procurement team members to work more strategically.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

With AI-powered GEP SMART, your procurement team can perform ongoing as well as ad hoc analysis. This helps you take control of data, unlock its real value and gain insights that enable better planning and decision-making.

GEP SMART Build With Cloud

Built in the Cloud

GEP SMART procurement software is expressly designed, engineered and purpose-built for flawless operation in the cloud — unlike other solutions that are awkwardly adapted or ported to the cloud. It leverages the scalability, power and security of the world’s premier cloud infrastructure, Microsoft Azure.

GEP SMART Mobile-Native Procurement Software

Native to Mobile

GEP SMART is a mobile-native procurement platform that is powered with complete apps for iOS and Android devices. Easily access dashboards and reports, take part in sourcing events, and review and approve orders, all on the go. GEP SMART is Procurement on the Move™

Consumerized Digital Work Environment

“Consumerized” Digital Work Environment

GEP SMART has an intuitive design, stunning visual appeal and intelligent interfaces. It enables fluid and natural movement from task to task and drives the ability to work on any platform. Designed for simplicity (but never oversimplified), it supports role-based user ecosystems tailored to the precise requirements of varying user types and use cases.

The Benefits of GEP SMART Procurement Software

The Benefits – Why GEP SMART Procurement Software

Unlike most e-procurement software suites, GEP SMART doesn’t just help you work faster — it accelerates digital procurement transformation. The perfect combination of easy-to-use procurement analytics tools and streamlined process management capabilities make it a user favorite. Here's why your people will simply love using the award-winning procurement software, GEP SMART: 

Better Economics

GEP SMART procurement management system is built entirely on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which not only ensures world-class cybersecurity but also erases the need for additional IT infrastructure, integration, personnel, support or maintenance costs.

Increased Savings

GEP SMART sourcing and procurement management software enables realization of significant cost savings. Typical results range from 25 to 40 percent increase in savings post adoption. AI-based spend analytics help you get comprehensive spend visibility and identify additional savings opportunities.

Platform Agnostic

GEP SMART makes it easy to leverage your existing investments and infrastructure as it works seamlessly with SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and all other major ERP and finance or accounting systems.

Proven Best Practices

Enjoy easy access to a rich, perpetually updated repository of field-tested, best-practice processes and workflows, checklists, scorecards, templates and tools for every situation or objective.

User Satisfaction

Intuitive, easy-to-use procurement tools flatten the learning curve, increase adoption and compliance across the business, and sustain use over the long term.

Superior Multilingual Capabilities

GEP SMART has extensive multilingual capabilities (all major European and Asian languages), critical for globally-networked businesses and their complex supply chains.

GEP SMART Procurement Software – Functionality Overview

GEP SMART differs fundamentally from other procurement software suites in that it is one platform, one database and one collaborative workspace built specifically for strategic procurement. It’s the first “e-procurement” software designed according to how sourcing and procurement professionals really work. Regardless of what device you work on, GEP SMART procurement software is easy to deploy, learn and use, and negates the need for extensive training. Take a look at some of its underlying functionalities that simplify all strategic procurement activities:

  • Spend Analysis spend
  • Savings Tracking savings-tracking.svg
  • Sourcing sourcing.svg
  • Contract Management contract-management.svg
  • Supplier Management supplier-management.svg
  • Procure-to-Pay procuretopay.svg
Spend Analysis


Spend Analysis

Understand spend quickly and easily. Move from line item to enterprise-wide view with a click. Optimize savings opportunities based on your strategy.

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Savings Tracking

Spend Analysis_0.svg

Savings Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into your cost-savings initiatives and their impact. Eliminate redundancy and error from data capture, tracking and measurement.

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Quickly identify, evaluate and qualify new suppliers. Streamline your sourcing events and achieve best-value agreements whenever you source.

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Contract Management

Contract Management.svg

Contract Management

Reduce the time, effort and paper used to create, manage and monitor contracts. Boost contract utilization and increase spend compliance.

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Supplier Management

Supplier Management.svg

Supplier Management

Monitor thousands of suppliers; use scorecards, surveys, alerts, status and summary reports; track, measure and optimize supplier performance.

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Procure To Pay.svg


Boost adoption and spend under management with a consumer-like purchasing experience, improve compliance and reduce cycle times.

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Procurement Transformation
  • Redesign and optimize procurement processes and workflows.
  • Implement best practices and standardize procedures across the enterprise.
  • Automate manual tasks and eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Enable data-driven decision-making through spend analysis and reporting.
Spend Management
  • Gain comprehensive visibility into organizational spend.
  • Analyze spend patterns, trends, and outliers across categories and suppliers.
  • Identify savings opportunities through spend analytics and benchmarking.
  • Enforce spend compliance with budgets, policies and contracts.
Procure-to-Pay (P2P)
  • Automate the entire procure-to-pay cycle from requisition to payment.
  • Enable self-service requisitioning and approval workflows.
  • Integrate with legacy ERP software and existing financial systems for seamless data exchange.
  • Ensure policy compliance and control over procurement processes across the enterprise.
Source-to-Pay (S2P)
  • Streamline the source-to-pay process — from sourcing to payment.
  • Conduct strategic sourcing events such as RFPs, auctions and negotiations.
  • Streamline all upstream and downstream processes and cut down their source-to-settle cycle time.
  • Save time, effort and resource spent on repetitive tasks and focus on activities that drive more value.
Supplier Management
  • Maintain a centralized repository of supplier information and performance data.
  • Conduct supplier risk assessments and monitor supplier compliance.
  • Enable supplier collaboration and communication seamlessly.
  • Manage supplier onboarding, performance evaluation and development.
Contract Management
  • Centralize contract storage and manage the complete contract lifecycle.
  • Automate contract creation, approval workflows and version control.
  • Track contract milestones, renewals and expirations.
  • Ensure compliance at all times with contract terms and obligations.

"GEP SMART enabled us to have everything centralized in one place. Our users love the GEP SMART platform; it’s user-friendly and intuitive, and even the most senior leaders in the company appreciate its ease of use … they see the results, and are very happy with the efficiency and effectiveness of the solution."

— Meghan Doscher, VP & Chief Procurement Officer, Brighthouse Financial 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Procurement software is business application software that is used to streamline and automate the procurement process within enterprises. It is also known as purchase-to-pay or P2P software.

Procurement software optimizes the entire procurement lifecycle of enterprises, from requisition to payment, helping them to effectively manage their procurement process or purchasing activity.

Procurement software as a service (SaaS) refers to the delivery model of any particular procurement software that is hosted on the cloud and provided to users or enterprises over the internet. The SaaS model implies that the procurement software platform is accessed and used by enterprises on a subscription basis.

The system offers advanced procurement functionality without the need for extensive on-premise infrastructure or significant upfront costs. At the same time, the procurement software provider or vendor ensures continuous software improvements and updates.

GEP SMART procurement software seamlessly integrates with all major ERP or back office systems to streamline and automate the end-to-end procurement process – from spend analysis and strategic sourcing, to contract and supplier management, all the way to savings tracking. Natively built in the cloud, it offers unmatched flexibility, security and scalability through a unified, user-friendly digital platform that boosts adoption and productivity.

GEP SMART is a unified source-to-pay procurement software, which means that unlike stand-alone procurement tools, it brings all the critical functionality — spend analysis, savings tracking, sourcing, contract management, supplier management and procure-to-pay — on a single platform, enabling automation and fluid exchange of data across end-to-end operations.

Yes. The GEP SMART procurement software can work with any F&A or back-end ERP system, such as SAP and Oracle. It can be easily integrated with both on-premises software as well as cloud-based ERP systems.

The implementation time of the GEP SMART procurement suite is directly linked to the complexity and scale of client operations. Some of the key aspects that can have a significant bearing on the implementation time include the number of users (using the platform), geographical locations (the platform will be used across) and the number of functions (the unified source-to-pay platform will enable).

Unlike other platforms that are not optimized for user experience and are complex to navigate, GEP SMART enables an out and out user-friendly and easy-to-navigate experience. It’s intuitive design and intelligent interfaces aid quick learning and adoption, thereby limiting the training efforts to a bare minimum. Read more about GEP SMART’s user-centric design

A significant level of customization is possible with the GEP SMART platform. It can be configured to meet customer-specific requirements and use cases. Our technology experts work toward understanding your business needs and accordingly provide the necessary configurations and workflows to customize GEP SMART.

GEP SMART is designed to make working with customers a seamless experience. Here are its top three benefits to suppliers:
Single version of the truth: Suppliers and customers log in to the same system ensuring everyone gets the same view of the truth.
Self-service portal: Suppliers can easily update profile and/or product information, participate in sourcing events, perform negotiations and issue invoices, among a host of other actions.
Better interaction: transparent buyer-supplier information exchange improves collaboration and promotes stronger business partnerships.

GEP SMART is native to the market-leading Microsoft Azure cloud platform that provides unmatched data security, scalability, responsiveness, uptime and performance along with easy implementation and timely, topnotch maintenance support – helping improve the effectiveness of your procurement process.

GEP SMART channelizes the full transformative power of new and emerging digital technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, RPA, big data analytics and IoT to deliver high performance and next-level results.

AI-powered procurement software — by combining advantages such as predictive power, intelligent automation and prescriptive recommendations — drives greater efficiency, insights and value across the procurement life cycle. Key capabilities and features of an effective AI-enabled procurement solution include:

Predictive Analytics: AI algorithms analyze spend patterns to forecast future demand, prices, budgets needs and supply risks ahead of time for smart just-in-time decisions.

Automated Workflow: AI bots handle high volume, rules-based tasks in the requisition, purchase order, invoice processing cycles automatically freeing up staff.

Intelligent Search: Natural language processing and image recognition by AI make searching for and comparing goods/services easier in order to find the best contracts.

Supplier Risk Assessment: AI evaluates risks associated with suppliers on parameters such as financial health, regulatory compliance issues and market events for risk mitigation.

Contract Lifecycle Management: AI tracks contract milestones, analyzes past agreements, and provides recommendations to optimize terms and pricing for renewal negotiations.

Optimized Mobile Accessibility: AI makes possible intuitive mobile apps that make it easy for users to approve purchase requests, query order statuses, chat with intelligent bots for real-time procurement support.

User-Friendly Interface: AI-enhanced interfaces such as flexible dashboards, interactive reporting, voice commands and conversational bots should facilitate straightforward navigation.

A procurement platform is an end-to-end solution that helps enterprises optimize and manage their procurement process. Advanced procurement hubs employ advanced digital environments that unify and simplify procurement activities ranging from provider sourcing to purchase execution and analysis. With AI-driven capabilities, procurement platforms can also automate and expedite processes like bidding negotiations and transaction processing. Enterprises can leverage procurement technology to drastically reduce repetitive manual efforts, errors across the source-to-pay (S2P) cycle, and at the same time cut costs. Other capabilities of a procurement platform include supplier management, sourcing, purchase order creation and tracking, and data reporting.