Your Control Center for Complete Supply Chain Visibility Your Control Center for Complete Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-End Supply Chain Planning and Visibility With GEP NEXXE Control Tower

Control Tower gives you real-time visibility across your entire supply chain operation on the GEP NEXXE platform for Supply Chain. The Supply Chain Control Tower provides you with a comprehensive view of your key supply chain stakeholders from trading partners to suppliers to logistics partners. Filter and prioritize specific data points before drilling down for greater detail on actionable items. Predictive alerting leverages the power of GEP MINERVATM — our proprietary AI technology — to enable your organization to stay many steps ahead of potential roadblocks in the supply chain.


A Digital Control Tower to Monitor Your Entire Supply Chain

Predictive Alerting

GEP NEXXE’s digital supply chain control tower analyzes patterns from our vast data lake to identify potential detours in the supply chain. It then quantifies the business impact of these deviations, provides you with the ability to prioritize alert types and determines strategies to neutralize the impact of anomalies./p>

Situation Room

Deal with action items immediately and effectively with the power of collaboration. Keep track of problem sources, assign role-based teams, create action-oriented resolution objectives, and gauge the business impact of supply chain deviations in real time with other users.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the power of GEP MINERVA — our proprietary artificial intelligence technology — with algorithms that self-correct and deliver actionable and nuanced insights into your supply chain. Driven by an autodidactic learning system that harnesses our vast data lake, these insights will increase in accuracy with time.

Scalable Architecture

Platform-wide API exposure allows for the seamless sharing of data between GEP NEXXE and legacy ERPs along with the ability to incorporate the future technology into the product without worrying about legacy elements hardwired into the software. Easy deployment and integration with data visualization tools and different SAP modules.

Action Status Tracker

Gain real-time visibility on the current status of an individual action in the Situation Room as a function of their relationship to resolution objectives. Gauge the business impact of actions and determine the best course of action moving forward.

Recommended Actions

Powered by GEP MINERVA — our proprietary AI technology — GEP NEXXE provides users with recommended actions based on contextual and historical information and will help determine the business impact on the course of a potential direction. Improve planning productivity and drive value with accurate forecasting.

Manage Your Entire Supply Chain From One Place

  • End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility
  • Data Workflow Management
  • Complete Digital Collaboration
  • Easy-to-Use Platform
  • No Impact to the Business Operation
  • Flexible and Adaptive to Your Needs
End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Gain complete visibility across your organization’s supply chain with real-time status updates on customer and geographic hierarchies. Collaborate with supply chain partners and allow them to work with multiple internal teams to execute individual actionable objectives.

Data Workflow Management

Data Workflow Management

GEP NEXXE makes your data work for you by creating and enforcing rules for data validation and accuracy powered by machine learning. Track orders through every stage of the supply chain with granularity about every inventory item. View data on a location, project and time level, all from one place on the platform.

Complete Digital Collaboration

Complete Digital Collaboration

Situation rooms facilitate collaboration between employees to resolve action items and enable flexible role-based team assignment. Work with supply chain partners for real-time updates and allow suppliers to collaborate with multiple internal teams. Share attachments to ensure complete information clarity.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Easy-to-Use Platform

Eschew the need for specialized IT teams or consultants with a platform that can integrate multiple ERPs and unlock the full potential of your data. No coding knowledge needed. GEP NEXXE empowers your enterprise’s IT organization, improves planning and productivity – and accelerates the implementation cycle.

No Impact to the Business Operation

No Impact to the Business Operation

GEP NEXXE is easy to integrate and easier to use. With zero downtime and no on-site installation necessary, there’s zero impact to your business. GEP NEXXE is built for the cloud on Microsoft Azure, the most agile, flexible and secure platform around. Manage multi-region hosting and ensure global visibility and collaboration.

Flexible and Adaptive to Your Needs

Flexible and Adaptive to Your Needs

GEP NEXXE is built on a floating foundation of data which enables the platform to adapt to specific business requirements and release individual functions without having to deploy the full solution. Deploy GEP NEXXE to suit the exact needs of your supply chain organization and seamlessly extract data from your ERP system.