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Cloud-Native Unified Platform

No smoke. No mirrors. Intelligent, intuitive software from GEP is helping supply chain and procurement teams worldwide boost productivity, eliminate processing snarls, slash turnaround times and capture more savings. GEP Software is designed to speed and support the way supply chain and procurement pros really work, enabling them to switch fluidly between related tasks.

We build on this inherent flexibility with intelligent, intuitive work flows. So our tools empower users rapidly, without the burden of extensive re-training. Fresh, intuitive interfaces not only flatten the learning curve, but also enhance user productivity and satisfaction from Day One. Standardizing on best practices is a snap.

Cloud Economics, Mobile Flexibility

GEP Software brings together all relevant functionality in a single unified platform — sourcingsavings trackingcategory managementcontract management, supplier management, source-to-pay and procure-to-pay, among others — in its core, for smoother information, process and work flows. Unlike modular software, GEP Software is literally seamless. Integration costs, delays, glitches? Eliminated.

What’s more, because GEP Software is cloud-based and platform-agnostic (it works with SAP or any other major ERP system), the risk of spiraling infrastructure and support costs is eliminated. Designed to work on desktops as well all mobile devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops, you can work on the go – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

"GEP SMART is a true suite, encompassing spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, P2P and supplier management. Unlike other self-proclaimed procurement “suites” in the market that have one powerhouse module and only the most basic of capabilities in other modules, GEP's solution possesses extremely strong capabilities in each of these modules."

— Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners, CPO Rising

Technology Innovations in the Supply Management Market


Andrew Bartolini of Ardent Partners highlights five new and exciting innovations in the supply management technology market poised to drive higher efficiency and saving across enterprises.

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True Mobility

Flexible, full power on the go. GEP Software is the first platform native to mobile and touch technologies. Work anywhere, anytime on any device – laptop, tablet, phone – with equal ease and impact.

Category Workbench

Gain fast, easy access to all category-specific information and tools – market and supplier research, templates, models, guidelines, pricing and performance data, purchase history, contracts and more – in a single intuitive work space.

Rich Knowledge Base

Access and use the extensive knowledge base of GEP — industry’s leading provider of services and software, in field-tested, ready-to-use work and process flows, tools, templates, checklists and scorecards.

Proactive Contract Compliance

Get wise to compliance issues before things get out of hand. All contract terms and conditions monitored – price and non-price items. Exposure is made plain in automatic alerts, so you can take corrective action quickly and limit leakage.

Five-Way Matching

Create full purchase transaction audit trails that are available in real time. Match requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and reconcile to contracts and budget automatically. Link to rules to boost compliance and budget reconciliation

Savings Tracking

Track the real impact of your team in hard dollars, from a single initiative to enterprise-wide programs. Validate against multi-dimensional financial measures. Identify the levers that produce the highest realized savings for the enterprise.