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Logistics Management Services

Having collaborated with several leading global enterprises to increase the spend under management to billions of dollars, GEP delivers more than two decades of logistics procurement experience across numerous industries, regions and every mode of transport.

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Our logistics teams have tackled the most complex supply chains in the global industry. And the results speak for themselves ― millions in hard-dollar savings realized, improved service levels, reduced risk and stronger supplier relationships for our clients.

Many organizations have resources dedicated to sourcing transportation. However, sourcing approaches have traditionally been limited to aggregating transportation spend and competitive bidding (often through reverse auctions).

While these are sound sourcing levers, they are just a piece of a more comprehensive, effective and sustainable approach. In a highly cyclical area like transportation, these levers are almost assured to reduce rates in down cycles, but have the potential to damage carrier relationships and actually increase overall costs over the long run when the cycle turns.

GEP recognizes that the health of your business over the long term depends on securing both competitive rates and high service levels, so we don't force a false choice.

Expertise Drives Value

We begin with an in-depth classification and prioritization of key lanes. These include identifying "at risk" lanes like production/event critical lanes, "hot routes," high congestion lanes or key customers. We look at market constraints like metro areas, out of way locations and demand patterns, and operational constraints like productive length of haul, desirable back-haul opportunities and loading times.

Post classification, we apply tailored sourcing strategies incorporating the lane characteristics, market and operational constraints. These may include developing key supplier partnerships, managing carrier capacity, identifying complementary lanes, evaluating alternate modes, evaluating type of equipment, implementing a mileage program, standardizing surcharges as well as competitive bidding.

And we also focus on optimizing your transportation network, warehouse locations, lane and origin level capacity, carriers per location, transit times and equipment types.

Our logistics management services are supported by a powerful support infrastructure that includes hundreds of category SMEs; a database of millions of suppliers by country, mode and equipment; and sophisticated analytical and optimization tools.

GEP consistently delivers more than 10-20 percent savings on most logistics categories.