Transform Your Direct Sourcing With a Unified Supply Chain Management Platform Transform Your Direct Sourcing With a Unified Supply Chain Management Platform

Supply Chain Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing is a strategically vital function of supply chain management. Simple as it may seem, direct sourcing teams manage complex processes to meet multiple objectives – cost optimization, vendor management, compliance, supplier loyalty. However, legacy procurement software often hampers business performance.

GEP NEXXE™ Direct Sourcing changes all of that by providing a powerful platform for direct materials procurement. Bring together all critical elements and stakeholders – buyers, suppliers, processes and data – in a single, unified platform.

Make more effective decisions in a fraction of the time. Strategic sourcing. New product introductions. Quality management. Planning. Streamline your entire direct materials procurement operation. Find the competitive advantage you need with GEP NEXXE.

Unify All Stakeholders And Data in a Single Platform

With GEP NEXXE, you get a unified solution that is designed to streamline all direct materials sourcing, procurement and supply chain management. Give your supply chain the much-needed competitive edge with comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) management integrated with sourcing and product lifecycle management capabilities.

Collaborate more effectively with suppliers. Conduct end-to-end quality management processes for direct materials. Reduce the time to market and drive more value across the enterprise.


Optimize Sourcing Operations With GEP NEXXE Direct Sourcing Software

BOM Management

GEP NEXXE offers comprehensive BOM management functionality. Integrate all sourcing, procurement and production activities seamlessly with real-time access to updated, organized and accurate BOM data.

Enhanced Collaboration

Connect product design, procurement, supply chain and manufacturing teams on a single, unified platform. Better collaboration between teams enhances efficiency and helps get new, innovative products to the market faster.

Superior Visibility

Get real-time visibility of all items on your BOMs – latest specs, inventory, supplier information, and demand forecasts. Enable line-item level visibility to display approved vendor numbers and buyer part numbers.

‘What If’ Scenarios

GEP NEXXE direct sourcing provides ‘what-if’ capabilities for make-versus-buy and for evaluating substitute materials. Teams are better equipped to perform cost roll up and drill down activities for different BOM versions and make efficient sourcing decisions.

Easy Integration

Integrate with all major ERP systems to retrieve, synchronize and manage master data. Such integration ensures you get useful insights to make well-informed decisions.

Why Choose GEP NEXXE Direct Sourcing

  • Collaborative RFP Authoring Collaborative RFP Authoring
  • Boost Time-to-Market Boost Time-to-Market
  • Supplier Intelligence Supplier Intelligence
  • Sourcing Repository Sourcing Repository
  • Seamless Process Flows Seamless Process Flows
  • Eliminate Sourcing Complexity Eliminate Sourcing Complexity
Collaborative RFP Authoring


Collaborative RFP Authoring

Quickly and easily build multi-line proposals and quotes with flexible forms, templates, wizards, and consistent workflows across all your business units, regions and suppliers by collaborating with colleagues.

Boost Time-to-Market


Boost Time-to-Market

Seamlessly integrate all your R&D, engineering, sourcing, procurement, quality management and supply chain management activities to get more innovative, quality products to the market swiftly.

Supplier Intelligence


Supplier Intelligence

Get all the information you need about your suppliers — old and new, across categories and regions — in one place. Evaluate your relationship with existing suppliers before you invite them for a new RFP.

Sourcing Repository


Sourcing Repository

Create sourcing events quickly from best-practice sourcing templates, based on your business rules. Save on the time and effort needed to launch a new RFI, RFQ, RFP, or e-auction.

Seamless Process Flows


Seamless Process Flows

No more working with multiple sourcing tools. In-platform analytics automatically activate sourcing waves; pre-populated contract tools and templates speed up the procurement cycle and dashboards provide 360-degree view of all sourcing activities.

Eliminate Sourcing Complexity


Eliminate Sourcing Complexity

Reach all your direct sourcing goals for sourcing all components on your BOMs, meeting quality needs, and focusing on principal cost and value drives while improving vendor relationships, compliance and supplier loyalty for long-term direct sourcing success.