GEP Direct Material Sourcing: Transform Your Procurement to Discover Untapped Business Value GEP Direct Material Sourcing: Transform Your Procurement to Discover Untapped Business Value

Direct Sourcing

Steer your organization through any procurement challenges and unlock its procurement potential on the only unified end-to-end procurement and supply chain platform. With unparalleled visibility and recommendations into spending patterns, product categories, supplier networks, and associated risks and costs, GEP empowers your enterprise to make informed and optimized strategic sourcing decisions.

Optimize Procurement Performance with an Intelligent, Integrated Direct Material Sourcing Platform

GEP Direct Material Sourcing centralizes sourcing processes and information flows for procuring direct materials on a single platform. With easy access to the latest specs, contracts, and supplier information, you can easily manage all types of sourcing events, incorporating bill of materials and cost drivers. Additionally, our platform leverages advanced AI and analytics for cross-functional information sharing, AI-powered recommendations, and seamless collaboration across your organization, for greater procurement efficiency.

Key Features

Organizations face procurement challenges because of a lack of visibility to key data such as complete picture of supply costs, supplier risk and performance, complexity of manufacturing processes, and difficulty monitoring and mitigating risk associated with the supply chain network. GEP Direct Material Sourcing offers a variety of features to remove these obstacles, including:

  • Item 360 Visibility
  • Powerful Cost Analysis and Estimation
  • Seamless Integration and Master Data Management
  • Robust Bill of Materials (BOM) Management
  • Powerful Category Management
  • Automated Sourcing and Contract Management
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Flexible and Collaborative Workflows
Item 360 Visibility

Item 360 Visibility

Provides a consolidated view of all activities occurring for a particular item throughout the system, including RFx activities, contracts, BOMs, demand and more. This can be accessed in many ways such as when searching the item for a Sourcing Request, or when viewing the items in a price sheet in an RFx.

Powerful Cost Analysis and Estimation

Powerful Cost Analysis and Estimation

One-stop center for evaluating bids, contracts and purchase orders to determine cost estimations before initiating a sourcing event or negotiation. Sophisticated cost-driver analysis allows you to understand and all driving factors for cost drivers. The category-based market intelligence offers more than 75K global price indices, detailed data on 60+ countries.

Seamless Integration and Master Data Management

Seamless Integration and Master Data Management

Seamless integration with all leading ERP, MES and PLM systems to centralize, synchronize and manage supplier and item master data including normalization, error detection and correction, and consolidation.

Robust Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Robust Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Import bills of materials from multiple systems and gain real-time visibility into all BOM items including latest specs, inventory, order status, contracts, supplier information, and shipment status. Choose a BOM from the repository and choose alternative costing scenarios for the parts in that BOM to understand the total cost of the product.

Powerful Category Management

Powerful Category Management

A single end-to-end category-intelligence hub that enables visibility and oversight into spend for all category-related sourcing activities and guides the execution of various sourcing strategies based on key drivers, gathered insights, and AI-based recommendations within the powerful category workbench.

Automated Sourcing and Contract Management

Automated Sourcing and Contract Management

Automate sourcing events, RFQs, and contracts, with pre-built templates and workflows, to streamline sourcing processes and reduce errors.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Leverage advanced analytics and reporting to gain visibility into spend patterns, supplier and trading partner ecosystem, and associated risks and costs.

Flexible and Collaborative Workflows

Flexible and Collaborative Workflows

The system enables collaborative workflows, which are easily utilized across your organization from category managers and sourcing managers to product managers.

Why Choose GEP's Direct Material Sourcing Solution

Manage Costs More Effectively and Improve the Bottom Line

Achieve the best cost and quality balance; ensure compliance; speed up development and time to market; and ensure tight connections with upstream (suppliers) and downstream (customers and demand).

Mitigate Disruptions

Gain access to real-time, up-to-date supplier data and market intelligence to identify and mitigate issues that would otherwise lead to disruptions and product/production interruptions. Improve agility and resiliency in meeting demand and market changes.

Configure With Agility

Low-code/no-code design simplifies IT requirements and configurable workflows for any industry and company-specific specifications.

Streamline Complexity

Simplify direct material sourcing with a single, unified platform and shared visibility of data.

Build Resiliency and Sustainability

Enhance communication and collaboration, gain greater visibility and intelligence, select the right suppliers and ensure compliance for a more resilient and sustainable supply chain.

Optimize Sourcing

Improve direct material sourcing and margins for all items on BOM list and ensure updated production/engineering designs and specifications.

Identify Cost Drivers

Gain access to should-cost modeling, cost breakdowns, and 'what if' scenario modeling in order to understand cost and value drivers.

Enhance Collaboration

Create an environment for optimal sourcing and production through enhanced collaboration with internal partners – and easily integrate with GEP Supply Chain Collaboration.