Procurement on the move Procurement on the move

Native to Mobile

Until a few years ago, being mobile meant the ability to work from home. VPN, secure remote connections and email all meant a degree of mobility. But the advent of true mobile technology and the universal availability of always-on, always-connected devices has meant that “mobile working” now means a whole lot more.

GEP Software is a mobile-native procurement platform. What that means is that you can do whatever you need to, regardless of where you are or what device you are using. You’ll have the same power, the same flexibility, the same performance and the same security, whether you are on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

GEP Software offers much more than just browser access. Our mobile-native platforms come with complete apps for iOS and Android devices. You can easily access all your dashboards and reports, participate in sourcing events, review and approve orders and invoices — all on the move.

Complete Mobility. Complete Freedom

State-of-the-art mobile technology accelerates the entire source-to-pay process. Buyers and suppliers can work together to drive results like never before. Collaboration is now built into the source-to-pay software, across all processes, eliminating the need to share important and sensitive information and documents via email.

As a true mobile platform, GEP Software keeps all your activities, documents and data, safe, secure and continually up to date with full audit logs and version histories. No more searching through old emails to find the final, approved version of a contract. No more reliance on reports and charts that are out of date as soon as they’re published. Anytime, anywhere access to all your business information means you and your team can work without limitations.

GEP Software gives you true mobility and freedom to efficiently manage all your processes on the go.


Intelligent Design

Get access to all the supply chain and procurement functionality on the move. With GEP Software's intelligent, mobile-native design, you can manage all related operations with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Optimized for Touch

Access reports. Review invoices. Approve orders. Touch or tap – that's all it takes to get it done on GEP Software. Seamlessly navigate across the responsive, touch-optimized platform with ease on your touch-enabled mobile phone or tablet.

Intuitive User Interface

No more intensive training programs and lengthy user manuals. Feel at home right from your first login. Boost user adoption and flatten the learning curve with GEP Software’s intuitive interface that requires minimal or no training.

Enhanced Data Security

PC, laptop, tablet or mobile – your data is always secure. GEP Software is built on the robust and highly secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform with multiple layers of state-of-the-art data security to safeguard all your critical business information.

Comprehensive Access

Get access to GEP Software’s comprehensive functionality on the go. Create new requisitions. Approve purchase orders. Track savings and compliance. Generate and share reports with colleagues. All of this from your mobile device.

Device Agnostic

Windows, Android, iOS — GEP Software works with all operating systems. You can work anytime, anywhere from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone with equal ease, without any compromise on any of the functionality and usability.