Gain Visibility and Control Over Inventory and Warehousing Gain Visibility and Control Over Inventory and Warehousing

Advanced Warehouse and Inventory Management Software

Built to maneuver the intricacies of global supply chains, GEP NEXXE™ inventory and warehouse management software uses powerful artificial intelligence to unify inventory management activities, monitor stock levels, generate recommendation-based replenishment orders and forecast demand.

Enable your supply chain team to carry out end-to-end warehouse operations from a single place. Attain complete inventory visibility across all locations, plants and storage units – to shorten lead times, optimize inventory, prevent stockouts, and reduce storage costs.

A Sophisticated Warehouse and Inventory Control System to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Loaded with next-generation features and capabilities, GEP NEXXE radically boosts control and visibility of inventory to streamline supply chain operations and drive tremendous value across your enterprise. Explore some of its game-changing features:

Automated Warehousing

Streamline and automate your warehouse operations for minimal manual intervention during the receiving, issuing and delivering processes.

Mobile Convenience

Keep track of warehouse transactions and action key inventory-related tasks on-the-go with a beautifully built, user-friendly mobile application compatible with zebra scanners, barcodes and printers.

Data and Analytics

Unify master data and transactional data and take advantage of advanced predictive analytics to optimize inventory usage and availability.

Ease of Integration

Breeze through third-party integration using GEP CLICK™ – our cloud integration platform – that employs an API-driven approach to seamlessly connect to GEP SMART™, SAP Ariba, Oracle SCM or any other major ERP for real-time inventory updates from one unified system.

Why Choose Our Warehouse and Inventory Management Software

GEP NEXXE (supply chain platform) is your one-stop platform for complete business transformation. The GEP NEXXE inventory and warehouse management system provides a comprehensive snapshot for taking immediate business action – and helps improve operations across your entire supply chain by reducing manual tasks and speeding up the time to value.

  • Optimize Inventory
  • Automate Stock Replenishment, Simplify Receiving
  • Custom Configurations
  • Fully Integrated
Optimize Inventory

Optimize Inventory

Cut inventory liabilities with real-time, global visibility to reduce supply chain fluctuation and tighten up inventory control — including stock placed within inventory, in transit and managed by the vendor — across all locations at any given point in time.

Automate Stock Replenishment, Simplify Receiving

Automate Stock Replenishment, Simplify Receiving

Maintain optimal inventory levels with automated supplier replenishment. Enable quick and easy receiving with role-based functions that capture data points through OCR capabilities, voice-enabled search and barcode integration.

Custom Configurations

Custom Configurations

Configure your workflows in the way you want for your material inspection processes with predefined items. Add granular visibility and track material movement – even in the largest facilities.

Fully Integrated

Fully Integrated

Simplify your receiving process with the GEP NEXXE inventory and warehouse management solution. It supports all warehouse activities and integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP or legacy system to relay information for performing critical accounting transactions.