Purpose and principles Purpose and principles

Our Mission & Vision

The GEP Mission

Our commitment is to provide our customers with the most creative, most effective and highest value sustainable supply chain and procurement solutions. Our strategy to achieve this goal is simple: via customer centricity. The customer is always at the center of our business.

The GEP Vision

Our vision? We want to build a beautiful company.

Of course, beauty means different things to different people, but here’s what it means to us at GEP:

Beauty can be tangible

Our goal is success at every level; for our customers and the team

Beauty can be timeless

We invest as if the firm will be around forever

Beauty comes from love

GEP people are smart, ambitious go-getters and love what they do

Beauty comes from truth

We believe in authenticity, and all our interactions are genuine

Beauty makes us happy

We enjoy the journey and give back as often as possible

Beauty is inspiring

When you love what you do, you’re inspired to do it better