Supplier Collaboration Software

GEP SMARTTM direct procurement software gives enterprises full transparency into source-to-pay (S2P) activities, and complete control over supplier data and collaboration across the supply chain planning and execution process. Users can access a full set of supplier management tools to share critical information like forecasts, orders and inventory particulars with multi-tiered vendors to obtain commitments in real time — reducing stock levels, maximizing fill rates and boosting productivity.

GEP SMART supplier collaboration software is a one-stop, self-service platform for collecting, storing, sharing and tracking supplier information. It features a comprehensive set of supplier relationship management (SRM) tools designed to make it easier for vendors to provide data and for manufacturers to collect it. Data capture is automated, with all communication standardized into one supplier management system capable of generating highly precise information that can be used to drive seamless collaboration between suppliers and manufacturers.

GEP SMART’s vendor collaboration dashboards also enable suppliers to manage profiles, catalogs and pricing — thereby reducing your procurement team’s workload and administrative burden and allowing for a sharper focus on core supply chain operations.

Accurate, Valid Vendor Information — All In One Place

Manual methods of SRM are susceptible to common challenges, some of which include:

  • Higher chances of data entry errors
  • Monotonous processes prone to delays
  • Isolated, erroneous and/or missing vendor data
  • Lack of supplier visibility and compliance risks
  • Improper workflow and approval mechanism

GEP SMART supplier management system consolidates enterprise-wide supplier data in a common format, making it easily accessible and actionable to procurement teams. For instance, standardized forms can be sent to several vendors and the gathered data can directly be included into product specs. Correct, up-to-date supplier profiles, compliant document processes and pre-set questionnaires improve the quality of vendor information. This, in turn, helps identify and mitigate probable risk while supporting faster times-to-market of better products.


Transform Supplier Relationship Management With GEP SMART

GEP SMART supplier management system offers a full range of secure, well-integrated supplier collaboration tools to effectively manage supplier relationships. Effective interaction coupled with unmatched visibility and real-time insights help boost supplier performance.

Advantages of GEP SMART Supplier Collaboration Portal:

Standardization: Uniform supplier processes, data, schedules and prospects

Onboarding: Simple online registration process with on-demand tools

Intelligence: Identify supply-demand mismatches to address potential supply or quality assurance issues quickly and effectively

Integration: Multiple integration options across most existent ERP and supply chain systems

Unified Data: Maintain and leverage reliable supplier data across product development and supply chain processes in one centralized repository

Procurement Efficiency: Ensure that procurement and supplier requirements are on the same page

Compliance: Detect and confront potential supply challenges and risks before they disrupt production

New Product Introduction: Eradicate defects and introduce quality products into the market quickly, at more competitive prices

Partnering: Forge profitable partnerships by enhancing the attractiveness and proficiency of internal processes