Blueprint for success Blueprint for success

Organization Design and Implementation

Market-leading companies worldwide trust GEP to provide unbiased advice on their procurement capabilities and design an organization that is custom-built for success in the long run. Our approach is built on four key elements that ensure our designs are practical and effective in the real world.


Our approach to organization design and implementation includes:

  • Determining procurement’s organizational effectiveness  
  • Conducting an organizational structure assessment and redesign
  • Designing and measuring organizational metrics
  • Designing operating models, including roles and responsibilities, work segmentation and accountability
  • Developing manpower requirements and recruitment and succession plans
  • Creating competency assessment and competency acquisition plans
  • Creating cultural assessment and change management plans
  • Developing performance management systems and career progression plans
  • Conducting personalized training

While we do all this, we understand the importance of constant knowledge transfer during these engagements and work in a highly collaborative manner, establishing a successful transition to the new ways of working. We help you throughout the change management process through tailored communication strategies, change workshops, training, and marketing the change across the organization.