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Travel & Hospitality

Competition in the travel & hospitality industry is fiercer than ever. With prices, reviews and options available at a mere touch, customers are increasingly hard to please. Meanwhile, industry leaders have to consistently walk the tight rope of maintaining price competitiveness and delivering brand experience. Rising labor and material costs and a volatile demand scenario do not make the job easier. 

In this pressure-cooker environment, any company that cannot manage its costs simply will not thrive. So it’s no wonder that procurement professionals are increasingly in the spotlight. But expectations have risen with awareness. We can help.

Industry leaders like Starwood Hotels and Wyndham Worldwide rely on GEP to help meet or exceed their procurement objectives.

We provide them unrivaled visibility into their spend across multiple business units and ownership types. We impact their bottom line with strategic sourcing and category management services that deliver hard-dollar results quickly.

GEP’s comprehensive portfolio of integrated services — including market intelligencesourcing support and transactions management — help enterprise procurement teams achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness, while rapidly reducing their operating costs.

The flexibility of the solutions is a real advantage for us because our sourcing initiative will continue to evolve and we believe that GEP technology can accommodate these changes.

— Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, Starwood

Why GEP?

Some consultants deliver recommendations and reports — and call it a day. GEP delivers the savings it identifies, and that includes everything needed to achieve and support those targets — contracts, communications, change management, process and system upgrades.

In fact, GEP is the only leading global provider of procurement services and software focused exclusively on procurement. With offices and operations strategically distributed in major markets in EuropeAsia and the Americas, GEP is purpose-built to bring global expertise and global economics to bear on your most intractable challenges and most exciting opportunities. Whether it’s acumen, talent or tools, few competitors of any size can match the procurement capabilities of GEP. Don’t take our word for it — or the word of more than 200 category experts on staff. Simply contact us today and start saving.