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Accurate and Efficient Supply Chain Planning With GEP NEXXE™ Forecast Collaboration Software

Meeting customer demand in the most efficient manner is one of the core objectives of supply chain management. And the supply chain planning process – with its many complex components – is key to maintaining just the right level of inventory to meet customer demand.

GEP NEXXE (supply chain software) enables collaboration between buyers and vendors by providing them with critical data to aid planning and ensure that production is based on customer demand. GEP NEXXE’s supply chain forecast collaboration capability gives you early insights for effective capacity planning — so that your vendors can review their production capabilities and commit to servicing demand based on their production capabilities.


End-to-End Forecast Collaboration Software for Real-Time Forecasts

Public Forcasts

Publish Forecasts

GEP NEXXE gives customers the ability to publish supplier and contract manufacturer forecasts for daily, weekly and monthly buckets.

Get Capacity

Get Capacity Commits and Upsides

GEP NEXXE’s supply chain forecast collaboration capability allows contract manufacturers and suppliers to provide capacity commits and upsides. These early insights improve capacity planning.

Dynamic Alerts

To enable you to sense and react to market changes, GEP NEXXE can trigger dynamic business process exception alerts including forecast change, forecast commit mismatch and missing response.

What If Capability

What-If Capability

GEP NEXXE provides what-if collaboration capability to simulate forecast changes in real time, enhancing your enterprise’s ability to proactively plan for a spectrum of possible demand situations.

Why Choose Our Supply Chain Forecast Collaboration Software

  • Identify Capacity and Supply Mismatch Identify Capacity and Supply Mismatch
  • Strengthen Supply Stability Strengthen Supply Stability
  • On-Time Delivery On-Time Delivery
  • View Forecast Data View Forecast Data
Identify Capacity and Supply Mismatch


Identify Capacity and Supply Mismatch

Identify mismatches to keep inventory lean so that you can save time and cut out unnecessary expenditure.

Strengthen Supply Stability


Strengthen Supply Stability

With timely insights into the actual capacity of vendors and quick sharing of demand forecasts with suppliers, GEP NEXXE forecast collaboration improves supply chain reliability.

On-Time Delivery


On-Time Delivery

Improved coordination resulting from forecast collaboration not only optimizes inventory but also ensures on-time delivery to customers.

View Forecast Data


View Forecast Data

Get fast and easy access to forecast data across items, sites and suppliers — so that you can quickly respond to any changes in market conditions.