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IT spend management is a core competence. Average IT spending per employee globally has more than doubled in the last two decades, but corporate revenue and operating profits have not climbed up proportionally.

Without question, IT spending accounts for a large and growing portion of all operational spending. But, it also has outsized effects on both business strategy and competitive advantage.

With IT spend so critical to growth, productivity and profitability, GEP provides clients in major markets in EuropeAsia and the Americas deep competencies in IT spend management, fielding specialized global teams of unrivaled expertise and experience. 

Big Savings, Sustained Results

GEP has helped some of the world's largest, most complex enterprises make systematic improvements in the way they buy IT products and services.

Using three key sourcing levers — (a) internal demand, (b) supplier relationships and (c) governance and compliance — we've helped scores of global enterprises save between 10 to 20 percent, or more, on benchmarked IT spend.

We integrate both tactical and strategic program elements to maximize the speed and extent of our impact:

  • Tactical elements can range from identifying cost drivers and determining support levels (in-demand management) to developing contract expiration schedules (managing vendors)
  • Strategic elements can include tracking asset and inventory cost metrics, forming cross-functional teams, handling vendor negotiations and tracking organizational performance, using category-specific metrics

In each engagement, we go beyond simplistic notions of best price to consider real savings. So, our approach to IT procurement is, by necessity, holistic, never losing sight of notions like total cost of ownership or downstream impact on business competitiveness or strategy.