Industrial Manufacturing

Increased global competition is changing the face of industrial manufacturing. With both production costs and consumer demand on the rise, firms need to differentiate themselves and stand out in this competitive market. GEP helps its industrial manufacturing clients implement solutions that result in significant savings, allowing them to focus their resources on strategic areas of their business.

In this global market, manufacturing’s success depends on the ability to manage and balance increased customer expectations while protecting margins. In other words, companies must deliver lower prices, higher quality, newer features, more customization and shorter production times while maintaining market share and managing costs effectively. 

GEP is a star performer. It has seen continued strong growth in both clients and capabilities, including expanded operations in Asia and Europe. Client interviews reveal strong levels of satisfaction, especially around solution implementation and relationship management.
– Everest Group

Given these steep demands, firms are shifting their focus to developing lean supply chains that can support manufacturing operations as a means of competitive advantage.

Many of these issues require specific expertise and tailored solutions. GEP services include spend analysis, procurement outsourcing, procurement technology and strategic sourcing, all of which lead to savings that are both rapidly realized and sustainable.

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