Procurement Strategy

Being successful in business requires the ability to take a longer view and set goals extending far beyond the current quarter’s profits. Just being in the game isn’t good enough. Global competition is fierce, productivity is flatlining, and boardroom expectations are continually intensifying. In procurement, the need for innovation is urgent and new digital technologies are redefining the “art of the possible.”

The route to long-term success? An effective and agile procurement strategy that can bring about end-to-end transformation.

At GEP, the industry’s best minds are achieving excellence by designing direct and indirect procurement strategies that propel procurement organizations forward on the maturity curve. We create plans that effectively reinvent your procurement operation, realign it to business objectives, extend your reach into the larger enterprise, and set you up for future success. 

How We Create Winning Procurement Strategies

What distinguishes GEP’s procurement strategy services from those of other procurement strategy providers is our four-point approach. Whether it’s procurement sourcing strategy, procurement cost reduction strategy, or procurement buying channel strategy – this methodology has consistently helped us build successful strategic roadmaps for numerous leading companies across the globe.

Here’s why our strategies work so well:

  • Procurement Benchmarking

  • Opportunity Identification

  • Category Planning

  • Technology Enablement

Procurement Benchmarking

To improve, and to measure that improvement, you first have to know where you presently stand. Assessing the current performance of your procurement organization gives us a clear picture of what the procurement strategy must achieve in accordance with your business goals. It also enables us to compare your procurement operation to that of world-class organizations, proven best practices, and other industry yardsticks to construct the foundations of a solid transition plan.

Opportunity Identification

Whether it’s cutting costs or realizing greater savings, a good procurement strategy maximizes value generation across the enterprise. That’s why we first focus on gaining a thorough understanding of your corporate strategy, and then use powerful market intelligence to identify lucrative opportunities. These could be make-vs.-buy decisions, a shortlist of feasible low-cost countries for sourcing, or steps to attain post-M&A synergies.

Category Planning

Market dynamics can create unexpected risks and opportunities, especially when it comes to volatile commodities like raw materials and energy. But to capitalize on the ups and steer clear of the downs, a careful analysis of market trends is necessary. GEP’s market intelligence team excels at tracking influential factors like price fluctuation, resource shortages and demand variation to predict possible outcomes and help you efficiently plan your spending across key categories. This focused method of planning and budgeting brings to light opportunities in key categories, customized for your enterprise.

Technology Enablement

A robust procurement strategy is incomplete without powerful technology that supports business requirements. We help you invest in the right technology to catalyze swift and responsive processes and drive adoption and compliance. GEP SMARTTM, our cloud-based, mobile-native procurement software, can be configured to your needs and help you improve transparency and information sharing across the enterprise.

Higher Impact, Greater Value

GEP combines a sharp emphasis on procurement with a vast global footprint of top talent to create and execute lean procurement strategies for some of the world’s largest and best companies.

What is Lean Procurement Strategy?

Lean Procurement is a strategic approach employing Six Sigma principles, aimed at streamlining and standardizing the overall procurement process to cut out unnecessary steps, reduce waste, and optimize time-cost value. It focusses primarily on improving supplier collaboration, spend efficiency, transparency and control.

Our team of professionals extends across every continent and every major economic market, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, Continental Europe including Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. That's one more reason we offer more value than anyone else.

Unified Procurement Solutions for Success

Unlike many other procurement strategy companies, we go the extra mile to ensure that procurement’s impact far exceeds the sum of its parts.

GEP clients benefit from our unified procurement solutions that effectively integrate strategy, services, and software for higher productivity gains and greater savings. This approach acts as an accelerator toward fulfillment of current business imperatives across all sectors:

  • To run leaner and meaner
  • To be agile and responsive to customers and stakeholders, and
  • To base strategic decision-making on data and analytics

A One-Stop Shop for Everything Procurement

GEP brings you the largest selection of procurement offerings, services and technology solutions on the planet. Our complete and comprehensive source-to-pay portfolio ensures that all your procurement needs are met with the industry’s highest possible standards, including:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supplier Management
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Spend Analysis
  • Contract and Transactions Management