Supplier Performance Management

As companies increasingly focus on core competencies, they depend more than ever on suppliers. Supply chains are more integrated, more complex and faster. Poor supplier performance impacts both the top and bottom lines.

GEP helps companies dramatically improve supplier performance, driving up efficiency and value, and driving down risk.

We provide real-time visibility into supplier performance, using a comprehensive range of category-specific metrics. But metrics and scorecards are just one element in a rigorous holistic approach that combines analytical rigor, process discipline and best-in-class, proprietary software.

Manage Supplier Performance With:

  • Supplier registration and on-boarding
  • Supplier repository maintenance
  • Supplier segmentation and risk assessment
  • Category-specific metrics and scorecards
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Sustainability, diversity and CSR surveys
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Performance improvement plans

Achieve more, and get the most out of your supplier relationships, with supplier performance management services from GEP.

Our Digital Platform at the Ready

GEP SMARTTM is a proprietary, cloud-based platform that makes the entire SPM process highly streamlined, transparent and collaborative.

With GEP SMART, everything you need to know about your suppliers is managed in one user-friendly system. From a single repository, you can continuously monitor thousands of suppliers simultaneously; use custom or pre-configured scorecards, surveys, alerts, status and summary reports; and track, measure and better understand supplier performance.