Government & Nonprofit

Government and nonprofit organizations today are expected to provide the same level of services, if not more, to their constituents amidst shrinking budgets and severe fiscal pressures.

GEP, with over 15 years of experience of working with hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises, as well as dozens of government and nonprofit organizations, brings in a deep understanding of commercial best practices as well as knowhow of applying them for the government and nonprofit space.

With many government and nonprofit organizations already running lean teams, further reductions in headcount is not an option as it can increase the strain an already stressed service delivery. We partner with our customers to develop unique solutions that achieve significant, tangible time and money savings without affecting services or reducing headcount.

Our work is focused on driving time and money savings through improvements in people, process and technology.

Whether by consolidation, renegotiation, strategic sourcing, reverse auction, organizational redesign, process improvement or analytical and transactional automation through technology, GEP creates real value for government and nonprofit acquisition organizations.

We also have a few specific offerings tailored for government and nonprofit organizations.

Our solutions can be delivered quickly and are recurring — the savings are immediate and the benefits accumulate for years to come. Reinvesting these real savings helps our clients fulfill their missions and responsibilities in the most efficient and effective way possible.


GEP | Education

Around the world, countries understand how investments in education provide the foundation of societal and economic prosperity. Currently, however, education faces an onslaught of challenges that make the realization of those benefits ever so difficult. These challenges are coming from many fronts as schools and universities increasingly feel pressure to achieve results while simultaneously facing dramatic funding cuts. The question on administrators’ minds is how to do more with less.

At GEP, we have helped educational institutions rise up to these challenges by helping their budgets go further. Our educational procurement consultants have a great depth of experiences and use strategic sourcing methods and procurement technologies to help our educational clients get the most out of their supplier relationships. Whether aiding in administrative reform, helping teachers embrace the benefits of technology or allowing schools to work within a regulatory framework, GEP’s procurement methods ensure that money goes to helping students, educators and administrators instead of being wasted. GEP helps its education clients make the right investments in technology and infrastructure by increasing spend-visibility and understanding the implications of future investments.

As demands rise in the face of shrinking resources, educators and administrators know that in order to help their students, new solutions and strategies must be embraced. GEP offers such solutions and strategies and is excited about helping its educational partners in their important mission of readying the next generations of leaders.

GEP | Government

National, state and municipal governments are facing unprecedented fiscal pressures in a highly political and regulated environment. We understand these regulatory environments and apply our custom practices, methods and technologies to identify and capture real savings through procurement reform.

GEP spend analysis tool provides unmatched insight into government spend analysis, allowing focused effort on spend compliance and contract management. Through procurement transformation, strategic sourcing and procurement automation, GEP enables Government procurement departments to be three to five times more efficient with their existing staff.

We work with our Government customers to identify, implement and deliver significant tangible savings through procurement operational excellence, improving efficiency, automating operations and reducing the costs of goods and services acquisitions.

GEP | Non Profit

Demand for nonprofit organizations’ services is at an all-time high, yet funding from government and private sources continues to decline. With high unemployment and an uncertain economic landscape expected over the next few years, nonprofit organizations are feeling immense pressure to become more cost efficient. GEP knows the hardships faced by nonprofit organizations in these economically challenging times and works with them to help them continue pursuing their missions. Unlike many organizations, nonprofit organizations are forced to think beyond profits and losses and evaluate how their efforts to increase efficiency impacts their values and efforts. Through our strategies and solutions, we help our nonprofit customers save money in ways that do not compromise the heart of their missions. Though these economic times are challenging, they present nonprofit organizations with an opportunity to change the status quo and build sustainable cost structures that will ensure the support of their missions now and in the future.


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